Thursday, 7 June 2012

Field for Somerset @ Barrington Court

Tuesday saw the start of the
Field for Somerset workshops
outside Barrington Pottery, run by Marion.
When we turned up on Tuesday, we were sure it would be cancelled
as the weather was so bad.
But reception at the court said loads of people had come for this workshop.
so in true English fashion.
we set up outside in the rain and we were amazed how many people turned up.

 Around 60 figures were made in just two hours
 This was the set up after the event
with Marion having a well erned cup of Tea.
 this was the poster
 They all put the figures in the showroom
when the floor is ready they will be put in the old stables
at the court. as part of the Somerset Art Weeks event.
 so come and make your figure.
The Doves were on the workshop roof
but I love the look of the roof tiles.


smartcat said...

For those of us beyond your shores, what is a Gormley Figure......sounds like something out of Jabberwocky.

Lori Buff said...

Congratulations, love the spirit of the crowd.

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