Sunday, 10 June 2012

Live Simply

Well, it's Sunday afternoon, and I've been in the workshop all day.
It's pouring with rain outside and it has been for the last week.
I know lots of people are feeling fed up with the Weather here in England
at the moment.
So I've taken a few minutes out to reflect.
I've been saving this bowl for Rufford
 But I'm struggling to get pots to dry in the workshop
 So today I have offered it as an alternative, to the pot I could not get
finished in time for a wedding gift next week.
 The words are great, especially for a couple starting out in life together
 If you can live your life like this
then your in for a good marriage.
I might even make one for Marion & Me at some point.
 I spotted Marion reading one of my old books the other day
it looks like the conversion is almost complete!!
 Here is a sink full of pots
I wonder if anyone can spot all the makers,
there's one in here, even I don't know and I bought it
20 years ago.
 The usual suspects I'm sure.
anyway don't let the weather get you down
Just think how lucky we are to be doing what we love most of all.
Let's just hope it clears up for the Birthday bash next weekend.
cross everything you can.
Have a happy week.


Linda Starr said...

We've had a small break in the rain and it was welcome but since we were way behind on the rain we couldn't complain about all that we've got the past week. Nice to see the sayings on the plates, great advice.

Hollis Engley said...

Hey, I recognize some of the mugs in the dish drainer.
Sunny and in the 70s here on old Cape Cod, Paul. Come on over.

Susan said...

I have a couple that I can't remember who I got them from, little mysterious gems.

Hope the weather clears up for the drying.

Here too, it's been so cold we've had the heating on, it's like October.

Julia said...

What a beautiful wedding gift. The couple that receives it will treasure it, I'm sure.

Marshall Colman said...

I don't have Kenneth Clark's 1970 book on throwing, but I do have his book Practical Pottery and Ceramics published in 1964. It started me out on ceramics. They threw it out of my school library.

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