Monday, 27 August 2012

Watch this Space

What a Space

 Those of you that have visited the pottery workshop
will recognise this as the barn at the end
of our current workshop.
 The National Trust have secured some funding to turn it into
another craft workshop.
 and following a meeting with the Trust
we have decided to move our workshop into this space.
we are not giving up all of our current workshop
we are going to keep two sections of the workshop
that will become our new showroom.
I think I've said this before on the Blog
"Sometimes you just have to grab the chance while it's there"
We have the opportunity to move the workshop yet again
that will be 4 moves in four years.
Not something we would have done by choice, but
this is such a great space.
 So why do it?  I hear you ask
It will allow us to get a bigger kiln
and set up better for some production throwing.
This picture shows the barn on the right hand side
and if you look at the roof tiles you can see
the darker bit on the right would also be our showroom.

 We have done it all before this was our last workshop
and this is the bit we will be giving up.
The move will not happen until sometime next year
but we will keep you posted.
It's all very exciting again here.


Linda Starr said...

That's a wonderful building and will be a great space and display area, congrats to you.

cookingwithgas said...

things are really moving for you! Congratulations!

smartcat said...

An amazing space....looks like you will be working in a sculpted space.
Just out of curiosity...Does your work change at all when you change your environment?

Hollis Engley said...

Sounds like you're building the empire, Paul. Looks like a terrific space.

Anonymous said...

Is there gonna be extra staff take on next then?

Scott K Roberts said...


Scott K Roberts said...


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