Sunday, 2 September 2012

National Trust Magazine.

Well the Good stuff just keeps happening
Now that we are supplying the
National Trust web site
Back in May this year the NT Magazine editor
came to see Me with a Photographer
They wanted to do a feature as part of the promotion
for the web site.
and this week the Magazine starts to get posted out
to National Trust members.
I'm told the circulation for the magazine is
 around 4 Million.
We have had a few advanced copies sent to us
so I hope I'm not breaching any rules
by showing you our bit.
Don't worry Mum I've put one in the post for you.
The Photographer Andrew Montgomery
was Brilliant
here is a link to his blog.

So hopefully this article
might bring us in some more business.
here is the link to the NT web site.

It's a great opportunity for us
and one of the main reasons I wanted Marion
to come and work with me.
We are getting on great and Marion is loving it.
Even though every time I leave her on her own
in the workshop, when I get back something else has
changed, or been moved or cleaned.


Hollis Engley said...

Nice, Paul. And that portrait of you at work is marvelous.

Paul Jessop said...

Thanks Hollis it's amazing what you can do with Photo shop.
I'd hate to think what Claudia Shiffer looks like in the flesh!

Ron said...

Way to go Paul. Hope at least 10% of those readers show up and buy several hundred pounds of pots each.

Paul Jessop said...

Now that would be nice Ron.

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