Monday, 22 October 2012

Working our socks off.

The National Trust article and on line shop
has been working very well for us over the past six weeks
but we really have been working hard to keep up.

we have been getting to the workshop early
and staying later.
I found time the other evening to treat the wood on our
workshop sign, as the court closes at the end of the month
be we are open until 22nd December. 
 The shot of the workshop above was taken at 7am.
 Keeping focused is the main aim
and keeping the quality of the pots as high as possible
is the one thing I will not compromise on.
So to help with this I'm going for long walks with Cadbury
and keep looking at my reference books.
This one is one of my all time favorites.
Such simple words 
 I want to find some time to make some of these.
 I might even try my hand at some of these next year.
 I made one of these colanders when I was at college
back in 1979 in stoneware and my mum still uses it.

So although we are very busy
it's important to keep an eye on the small details.

We have learnt a lot over the past weeks 
about dealing with on line sales
and I hope to do a blog soon 
about this.
But for now it's back to loading up another glaze firing.


Anna M. Branner said...

Success can be maddening can't it! :) Looking forward to your sales post.

Ron said...

Good to hear you are doing well Paul and Marion. Keep it up. Hope you get some casseroles made, I'm sure they'd be a big hit.

ang design said...

looking crazy busy paul, do get some breaks in there after all success is no fun if you cant enjoy it :))

Sometimes sitting doing nothing is the most productive thing you can do.

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