Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Barrington Pottery Has Doug Fitch pots in stock.

First of all can I apologise for the time since my last blog.
we have had a very busy month
supplying the National Trust web site.

But last Wednesday we found time to visit our good friend
Douglas Fitch

It was great we drank tea, talked about pots and drunk more tea
 We came away with 7 pots for us to sell in the showroom
 These Ginger jars are great.
 What a great trio
 I love this Jug
 and the decoration on this jar is just beautiful.
 These make a great pair
 Come and buy this Pancheon before Marion sneaks it home.
I love having Doug's work in the showroom
it gives me a chance to educate people about just how brilliant
slipware can be.
These are some of the jugs going to London next week
Edwards & Todd
 Museum street London

 This was one of my new Loving cups
but it sold the next day,
I'm going to make a lot more of these.
 These Lipped Pancheons look great when they are freshly slipped.
 One shot is never enough.
 and here is a thing
Look at this 
I appear to have a mouse in the workshop
helping himself to my biscuits.
More pics next week.
thanks for looking in.

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Hollis Engley said...

Doug's a great addition to your own wonderful pots, Paul. And I noticed a similar mousey visitor to my studio yesterday while Kim Medeiros and I were glazing. Regretably, there were no biscuits for him to consume.

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