I found a good Package-In Supplier

And I want to share it with you.
Out of the blue a few weeks ago
I received a phone call from a young lady
asking me if I used packaging products?
and if so could she give me a quote  for supply.
So I reeled off the sizes of the boxes I have been buying from
a local company.
Loose fill and bubble wrap sizes.
She then over the next few days sent me some prices
that were very good.
A 15cuft bag of loose fill  was costing me £16.00 a bag plus vat
 The one above is less than £7.00 plus vat
It's not the same as the other stuff I was buying which was this green stuff.
It's this white stuff.
But it does the same job for half the price. 
and the prices for card board boxes
were even better.
This is a double walled 10" x 10" that come in at 67p
and the smaller 9"x6"x6" single walled ones 
come in at just 16p each.

They do tapes as well.
They are well worth checking out.
and for the best possible prices you should email your
packaging list to 


or give them a call and ask for Amy Quigley
she'll be well chuffed to pick up some new customers.

I'd like to point out at this stage that I don't have shares in the company
or anything else related to them.
But both Me & Marion were in sales and we know how hard
it is to do cold calling on the phone, so we are always prepared to
let someone have their say.
This time Amy's timing turned out to be spot on
and she has given us great service.
So Thank You Amy.
From Paul & Marion.

Package-In Limited
Homefield Road
Tel: 01440 714036 | Fax: 0870 950 7930 | Email: info@package-in.com 


Unknown said…
Hi Paul & Marion, I just wanted to say a big thank-you for your lovely blog about me and our company and services we offer. It's so nice to get positive feedback from customers which is quite rare. It's greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards
Amy Quigley

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