Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Delivering the Goods

As you may well know
it's been 
Busy, Busy, Busy
here at the workshop over the past few months.
In among the pots for the National Trust
I have been busy making stock for two of our customers.
Lipped bowls & Pancheons for the Cookery school
in the Cotswold's, and Jugs for Edwards & Todd
in Central London.
Setting off at 7am I was in the Cotswold's by 9.30
Delivering to the Cookery school.
When I got there the place was swarming with people from
channel four.
they were filming a new series that will be on telly next summer
You never know some of my pots might squeeze their way in.
Once I had made my delivery, 
it was off to Central London. 
Where I delivered these jugs to Edwards & Todd 
25a Museum street WC1 
This was the biggest delivery journey I had done in my new -sh 
car since we traded in the Hangover.
I was well chuffed that I got 47mpg
the Hangover was doing around 18mpg. 
and Miracles of all I found a parking space right outside the door.
It's just around the corner from the Craftsmen Potters Shop
which naturally I popped in for a look around,
and found this great Clive Bowen display.
This made me realize just how far I have yet still to go
in my pottery development.
(Well it keeps you on your toes).
Having just said that 
" I do still love the simplicity of my work."
and maybe just maybe I'll keep it that way.
 I'm very used to driving in central London
I did it for years when I was selling Ceramic tiles
 back in my past life.
 The journey back home takes me down the Mall
Past Buckingham Palace.
The flag was up so I think the Queen was in residence,
but I decided not to pop in for a cup of tea.

instead I carried on into Knightsbridge 
 Past Harrods
and out to the M3 and back down to Somerset
on the A303
This little chap was waiting for me in the showroom
this morning.
Marion has been busy putting scarf's
on the Ginger Bread men for this year.
it's only about 5 weeks to Christmas
and chance for a break.
I've not had any time off this year at all
and I really could do with a couple of weeks off,
but the run up to Christmas is going to be crazy.


cookingwithgas said...

lovely pictures.
And the man- sweet- it is Christmas again!

Dennis Allen said...

Unless you can make Clive's pots better than he can, keep making your own. They are plenty nice. Lots of us like simple.

Paul Jessop said...

Thanks Dennis.

angela walford said...

yeh me too cool pics paul, they blow up nicely! was just like being there except for it's 34 deg outside :P

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