Monday, 21 January 2013


 We started back for real on the 14th January
and I felt I didn't do too bad on the Monday.
I made 30 ramekin dishes as a kind of warm up
before I got stuck in to our first order of the Year for 
18 one pint Tankards
10 wassail cups
12 half pint tankards. 
 This year I have made it a rule that for every day 
I make pots for orders,
 I will also make a few jugs for the showroom, otherwise I will 
struggle to get the showroom stock back up to a reasonable level.
So by Wednesday it was starting to look promising.

2013 looks like it's going to be another action packed year with lots going on,
The building work is slowly starting to progress
the Electrician's turned up today to make a start.
While we were off at the start of the year I found a few pictures
on Google images of our pots in use at some of last years customers
This one below shows our Devon style jugs
in the deli in Berlin called Mogg & Melzer.
and a ramekin at the same place in a German food magazine.
I also found a few images in a fashion magazine shot in the same deli
it's of a young woman in stockings and suspenders sat on the floor
with her foot resting on a plate with one of our ramekins.
I showed the picture to Marion and said
" look it's one of our ramekins",
and Marion said do you realize the woman is only wearing stockings!
I hadn't noticed!!!!
I think my sad ometer just went up ten notches. 

and this rather more sedate picture of one of our pancheons in use. 

So back to those orders, and as you can see below I've been getting back
in to things, but it's felt a bit slow after my initial flurry
suddenly I had 60 handles to put on which slowed me down,
and putting handles on in a freezing cold workshop is no fun. 
I have tried to not do the stereotypical British thing and talk about the weather
because at the end of the day it is only weather.
But we have been walking to work in the snow, if nothing else
 Cadbury loves it. 
I'm hoping we can start firing the kiln again later this week
and get the workshop back up to some kind of workable temperature.
So Happy New Year to all of our blog readers
and we look forward to meeting as many of you
 as we can in 2013.


Anna M. Branner said...

Very productive in deed! I would love the link to the stocking'd woman and ramekin picture. ;)

Sandy miller said...

Good throwing and hope you new Year's resolutions stand up better than mine! Already twiddling in the studio....... Not even February.

Paul Jessop said...

Here you go Anna.

Anna M. Branner said...

Very INTERESTING photo shoot. ;)

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