Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Winchcombe Visit.

 The great thing about giving ourselves some time off
at the start of the New Year, is that we are able to visit other potters.
So yesterday Marion and Me went to see our mate
 Matt Grimmit at Winchcombe. 
They have stock in the showroom. 
 and  a History of pot making that makes your head spin.
 Here is Matt next to the biscuit kiln with some fresh thrown mugs on the racks.
 Me & Matt
don't worry I'm thinking what your thinking!
 A slightly slender figured unfinished Ray Finch Pot
 and a finished but never seen Michael Cardew dish.
 one of the tools used to decorate the handles
I always wondered how they did that.
 This is the arse end of Ray Finches wheel with it's own wedging bench.
Thank You Ray I'm going to steal this idea
and build one on the back of my main wheel.
Such a simple idea.
and this rather quirky shot is of 
Michael Cardew's kick wheel.
I had to take the shot at this angle because there was a door resting on top of it! 
The back and the front of the old bottle kiln.

 These next shots are taken inside the kiln. 
 Great Jars
 Kiln shelves
 and a bit of both.
 We completed our day by having lunch in a Winchcombe tea shop
and visiting Toff Millway's Conderton Pottery.
it was raining by then and getting rather dark
so I didn't get to take any pictures here.
But we had a nice chat and his showroom is such a contrast to Winchcombe.
We had a great day and picked up some great ideas for our new workshop.

 I took Caddy for a walk this morning and the farmer was muck spreading
Phew!! what a smell.
but his tractor tracks made me think?
Which do you think came first? 
and some people are stupid enough to ask where we get our 
inspiration from.
I always just want to shout!


imagine said...

It was lovely that you were able to make this visit as a "team".
I think it is so important [and so exciting] that you are involved together in this great adventure and I really envy you.

By the way, I must talk to you about something important [to me] very soon.

gz said...

A worthwhile visit!
Good to know that Matt did get in to Winchcombe, he is looking happy there.

Sandy miller said...

Great tour! Beautiful pots!

Paul Jessop said...

Thanks John, sounds interesting. it does feel good to be working and living as a team, if you find the right person I would highly recommend it. But you need someone strong enough to tell you what's crap and wot aint!

angela walford said...

nice trip paul...just love seeing those ol kilns....hope you have a great time setting up the new workshop

Cat's Ceramics said...

Wow! Such great pictures and I love what you say about inspiration. It is so true - people just need to open their eyes x

Anonymous said...

Great! You are the best! Keep up the good work.
Shelley from Jerusalem, Israel.

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