Tuesday, 26 February 2013

I Can't think of a title for this Blog Post

I realise it's been over a week since I did a blog, and so there
are quite a few pictures on this one, so I'll try and keep
the Verbal to a minimum, and just blast you
with an array of visual stimulation.
The Font bowl we made is on display, in our local church which is nice,
we still have to make the replacement. 
Further work has started in the barn.
Oh and we do still make pots,
although these look like Burton's Chocolate Marshmallows!
an all time favorite if you happen to be passing bye! 
These are Large 6lb Devon Jugs, well large for me.

here they are trying to dry the bases. 
30 small sauce pots slipped in various colours, what's nice about these
is that I throw them and then Marion turns them and slips them.
and it really does feel like teamwork. 
I can't believe I dropped my PJ stamp this week and broke it! 
"Oh Dear" I said.....
We have just had some more pots out of the kiln
this is our 7th Glaze firing so far this year.
And I must say I do love these baking dishes or Cassoulet dishes.
These are 12" wide and are in the workshop priced at £40 each.
They do both have two handles, it's just the angle of the shot!
These Mugs are an order for our neighbour Pat
I made them to Pat's design, and I like them,
Pat loved them and has whisked them away with an hour of coming
out of the kiln.
I just noticed I'm starting to waffle!
The Log Burner arrived today for the barn.
Just in time I reckon as they took the roof of the barn today.
I seem to have achieved very little today, 
I've been a bit of a social butterfly, But I have loaded a bisc firing
Once Marion had finished the Sgraffito on these cups.
The showroom is starting to look better now that it has some stock.
and I'm just starting the prep for tonight's evening class.


Anna M. Branner said...

You have a good excuse for going a week with out posting. You've been busy! The mugs are gorgeous. Are they slipped with white on the inside and then the blue glaze over? Wonderful!

Hollis Engley said...

Busy, busy,busy ... keep at it, Paul.

laura weant johnson said...

i need one of those drippy baking dishes--love those!!!

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