Sunday, 3 March 2013

What would you do?

Hello fellow Bloggers, I would like your advice.

I have spotted a Kiln I am interested in buying on Ebay.
The question is this
" I have asked to see a picture of the inside of this kiln
and the reply was it would be better if I came to see it.
That's fine I've emailed the guy 3 times now asking to come and see it 
before the auction ends at 8pm today.
I understand it needs a new set of elements and a contactor
to get it back up working.
I have spoken to the maker and they have given me a ball park 
figure as to what this would cost.
So the question is

Do I bid and take the chance?
Do I only bid up to a very small amount?
Do I walk away and not bid at all?


smartcat said...

This sounds ridiculous, but it works for me. Flip a coin....if you find you are hoping for a yes before it lands you know what to do. If the repair work seem reasonable, bid, but do an odd number; most people bid in five or ten increments. Also look at the way the bidding is going.

I would at least give it a go. Toes crossed!

Dennis Allen said...

I'd pass, I'm not much of a gambler and this guy sounds a little hinkey.

Dan Finnegan said...

I'd make a low bid, Paul

Anna M. Branner said...

I'm with Dan, make it low. And like Smartcat says, make it odd. Low and odd. ;)

James Hazlewood said...

Wow. A THREE PHASE Electric pottery kiln. Just what I need. Thanks for the link. Ha. Factor in the worst case scenario cost and decide what it's worth to you. And bid that amount. Also keep an eye on gumtree etc as you never know what might be on there. My assumption is if it's knackered then you don't need to go through with the sale. The seller can send you a cancellation notice. If you've been contacting him via eBay there will be a record of that. Your argument is that you tried to view before the auction end but the seller didn't provide a reasonable opportunity for you to do so.


For this price, sure it will need a lot of repairs

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