Sunday 24 March 2013

The End of Time.

This Year see's the end of Time Team
One of those programmes that the big wigs in TV land just don't get.

I could ramble on about this
But a Lady writing in the Guardian has written an excellent piece
that says it far more eloquently than I ever could.

It starts off like this 
Tony Robinson is waving to us from the other side of a field. "This is the story of how Time Team transformed the understanding of archaeology in Britain," he shouts. "And even made it entertaining!"

Such enthusiasm befits this special episode of Time Team (Sunday, 5.30pm, C4), a spirited eulogy for the beloved archaeological bee as a spade of Damocles hovers above its split ends (the next series, inexplicably, will be its last). The stats are impressive: 20 years of digs, 224 excavations, and any number of young minds expanded, all actioned by men who look as if they have dug themselves up and forgotten to hand themselves in at the local museum.
plus the link to the full article.

I have a great affinity with this programme
which grew even more when
Mick Aston came into my workshop and Bought
one of my big Pancheons. 
Here is the link to the Royal Visit blog post.

He's been back a couple of times since and added to his collection
needless to say I shall be watching tonight's programme.

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imagine said...

Something has got to make way for more 'SOAPS'.

What a loss.

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