Keep Calm and Potter on.

It's been a long time since my last blog,
 but we haven't had a spare moment over the past few weeks.
In my last blog I showed these jugs I had just thrown.
A few days later they were slipped.

 some with white slip and some with green slip.
 Here they are finished.
 I do enjoy making these tall jugs
they are about 13" tall.
This one you can see was dipped in green slip.
 But this one had the green slip poured over it
whilst holding it upside down.
I really do like the detail here where the two lines carry on
 where there is no slip. 
 Here's a top view of one of my fat bellied jugs.
 and here is one in cream.
these are about 10" tall.
 Marion continues to experiment
we did like this little dish.
 We have had the odd day of sunshine which makes everything
just feel better, even some of our aches and pains seem to go away
on a sunny day.
I caught the sunlight streaming through the window at home
and shining right on Cadbury.
 Meanwhile the building work is carrying on all around us,
we are just keeping our heads down and making as many pots as we can
so that we have some stock to carry us through the change over 
of workshop and showroom.
We have some very long days ahead of us in 
April & May.
 Blaze Electrical have been working their socks off over the past two weeks
and it's starting to all take shape.
We have given the showroom and the workshop a lot of thought
and we think we have got some nice ideas, to make it just that
 little bit different, considering we have a
working budget of
 Bugger All!


Dennis Allen said…
Your tall jugs are one of my favorite forms.Good luck with the construction.
Lori Buff said…
They look beautiful, potter on.
cookingwithgas said…
Oh, the green is fabulous!
Yes, carry on!
Unknown said…
Gorgeous work, looks like exciting times at your place!
Paul Jessop said…
Thanks for the nice comments the green is a Hyplas 71 ball clay with copper carbonate. as a slip.

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