Thursday, 25 April 2013

Keeping our heads down.

All the wiring for the kilns is in.
why is it that people selling kilns on Ebay don't
realise the three fundamental things you need to know
before you buy.
1.Internal Dimentions
2. Power rating the kiln needs
3.Good pictures showing condition.

 So I have made these large 15" wide baking dishes
 three in total
 in various designs
 and this slightly smaller one.
 I shan't tell you that on Monday morning I walked into the workshop
and found all four had cracked and are now in the bin.
You don't want to hear that.
 Moving swiftly on these should be out of the kiln later today.
 an update on the barn!
it still looks like this.
Here is a picture for John and his wife Irene
Angels of the South.
Here is a link to John's blog 

with so much going on it was nice to hit the coast for a few hours.
 It all feels a bit like swimming out of our depth at the moment
but I think we are on top of things,
sometimes you just need walk away from stuff 
to see it from another angle.
 still if all else fails
I could find myself another outlet for my creativity.
I could do a Pancheon cut
it's like a basin cut only Bigger!

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Dennis Allen said...

Ebay kiln sellers don't give you info because if you knew the facts you wouldn't be interested.They are hoping for an impulse buyer who will pay an inflated price.

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