Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Isaac Button Exhibition Blog Two.

I can't tell you how excited I am about being included
in this Exhibition of work by my all time Hero
Isaac Button.
I had always dream t of  working in an old barn
Making Simple Country Pottery.
And here I am
Being a part of an exhibition along with some of the big names
in studio pottery.
John Foley who owns the Imagine Gallery called in last Sunday
to collect some of the pots for the exhibition.
He gave us a few of these Private view invitations. 
It was a thrill to see my name among this list.
I was going to say I hope my pots don't let the show down,
But in fact I am very happy with the pots John Took with him.

I Love this picture of Isaac slipping a large Pancheon. 
and I found I had this picture on my computer
when you consider that each of these pans takes around
9 - 10lbs of clay
That's one heavy board he's carrying ! 
Here are some of my Pancheons
They sell well and yet they are so simple. 
People seem to like them in all shapes & and sizes, which is good
because I make them in all shapes and sizes! 
 It's what I like
Simple Honest Pottery
Dribbs and all!
The Exhibition runs from 1st July
and is at the Imagine Gallery Long Melford
Suffolk. CO10 9JQ

Thanks John.


imagine said...

Thank You Paul, plus thanks for showing the invitation.
It is one of the things I would get around to "eventually," at the moment I am still unpacking the many pots that I gathered on my trip.

It was really good to see you both and to have the chance to admire your beautiful barn.
It is such a lovely space and it had me thinking, "Someone up there must like them," but the truth is that you have both worked for what you have achieved. Well done.
After leaving you I went on to see John Leach.
He had many good things to say about you, and for any potter to have praise from such a man says a lot about that potter.
I told him you are coming to the opening.
"What! Paul is going. Now tell me again exactly where are you"?
I could see he was tempted.

Anyway, get cracking on with those pancheons I can't wait to see one.

Lori Buff said...

I can only imagine how proud this must make you feel. You're an inspiration to many I'm sure. Thanks for showing us pictures of the show invitation and congratulations.

Paul Jessop said...

Thanks John & Lori, much appreciated.

Hollis Engley said...

Right where your pots belong, Paul, among the best. Congratulations.

Hannah said...

Fabulous, looks like it will be a stunning show. Enjoy it. see you soon.

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