We're In ! Barrington Pottery New Home.

We Did it!
We closed the old showroom & workshop
at 4pm on the Bank Holiday Monday and began moving
the showroom into the barn.
We worked until late and were back in at 7.30am the next morning,
our plan was to be closed for only one day.
Tuesday, as we are always closed on a Wednesday
so that gave us two whole days to shift everything.
We Opened up the showroom on Thursday at 12pm.
So this is the new workshop and showroom space. 
As ever Cadbury is waiting to greet you, but he has been a bit displaced
twice we have had to go and fetch him out of the old workshop
as he keeps stopping the builders that are turning it into 
a new workshop for Jozeph the wood carver.

So here it is. 
It's so much brighter. 
We are still sorting out the workshop side, I think this will be a
work in progress for some time to come
as I work out the best place for things.
( I get the feeling I've done this before ).
I made myself a new rack just to get me some space to put pots.

Mean while back in the now much smaller old workshop! 
Marion is busy turning it into a Pottery School as such
( we're not that keen on the word "school" but haven't yet
 come up with an alternative)
Suggestions on a post card please! 
 I am always complaining that I never have enough Batts for throwing
larger pieces.
Marion found all of these dotted around all over the place.
OK I'll shut up Now!
 We finally shifted the Pugmill yesterday
you don't want to move one of these too often.
Blimey it's heavy!
 This is the new counter I built from scrap pieces of wood
 I've been keeping hold of.
The Pictures don't do it justice I think
you will have to come and have a look for yourself.
The kettle is always on.


Dennis Allen said…
Looks good Paul. Learning center? Potter development lab? Classroom?
Sandy Miller said…
The place looks grand! Love the light!

Anna M. Branner said…
Poor confused Cadbury. Layla gets confused if we move her food bowl! Ha! Hm....Pottery Place? Pottery Tech?
Anonymous said…
It looks great, and well done to you both, your huge efforts will not be in vain, you are creating something very special down there.
Pottery Experience, The Potters Wheel, Marion's Place Finger Squishing Good!!!!
See you at the Pub tomorrow.
Hollis Engley said…
Looks fabulous, Paul. Congratulations to both of you.
doug Fitch said…
Looks amazing, we'll come and visit soon :) Love to you both x

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