Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Trip to Suffolk Legacy Exhibition

We were up at 6am on Sunday morning ready to set off
for a 4 hour trip to Long Melford in Suffolk.
We loaded two cases of Burrow Hill Cider
not for the journey, but for the show.
This was our destination
The Imagine Gallery
Long Melford
Where we attended the Private View of the 
Legacy Exhibition put together by John Foley.
This was the reason I wanted to go.
To see and get my hands on pots made by
Isaac Button.
a Pancheon made by Isaac.
This is how you learn.
These casseroles gave me some ideas
But I don't think an unglazed lid would go down that well these days.
and these small pots as seen on the film
Isaac Button Country Potter.
If I'm totally honest these pots by Isaac
in the glass cabinet are not my cup of tea.
Some of the other pots were though
I liked these pots by John Hudson
Marion had never seen the Film of Isaac before
so she sat herself down with a glass of wine
and was captivated by it.
I had put 4 pots in the exhibition
a Pancheon and three jugs,
But two of the jugs were sold before I had time to get a picture.
unfortunately for me the buyers insisted on taking them right away
and so not many people are going to get to see my work
alongside some of the bigger names in the pottery world.
This jug is one that was still available.
I'll give John a call and see if I can send some more pots
I sorted out three jugs today I would be happy to put on show.
This is a big thing for me to be included with such names
and to sell two within the first 30 minuets made me feel very happy
and was a real boost to the confidence.
we popped out for a walk down the village,
the driver of this little chap was having a beer outside the Cock & Bell

And I just love old cars like this one.
One day I'll sell enough pots to get one, One day!

We checked in at the Bull Hotel, a 14th Century Inn,
 just across the road from the gallery.
where we had this great platter to share for lunch.

The next morning I took Marion to see the Historic Village
of Lavenham.
It's like the good old days with small independent shops
and the smell of the bakery was amazing.
and how is this for a view from the street you live in.
We couldn't spend any more time here as we had 
to get into central London and collect My Daughter Laura's
books and belongings from her,
as she is moving to St Petersburg in Russia on Wednesday.
So we did that and went for a late lunch
followed by the return trip to Somerset.
where we sped past the queues of traffic going north
up the A303 as they left the Glastonbury festival.
The contrast between breakfast in Suffolk
Lunch in Central London
and a beer in our local pub in Barrington
couldn't have been more stark.
It turned out to be a long few days but we loved it.
Thanks John for a great exhibition
it's on for another 4 - 6 weeks
and well worth a visit.


Anna M. Branner said...

You sure have had a crazy busy couple of days. St Petersburg? Is your daughter still in school? And selling two piecese right away is definitely a good/bad thing. I hope too you are able to submit more. Your work NEEDS to sit with its inspiration!

Paul Jessop said...

Hi Anna, no my eldest daughter is going to be 30 in November, and john has asked me to send more pots for the exhibition so that's just great.
Thank you for you nice comments.

Amy said...

congrats on the sales. Wow! Neat to see some of Button's pottery too.

Lori Buff said...

Your work does deserve to be seen with the pots of the people who have inspired you. I'm glad you got that moment, and the sales but sorry it didn't last as long as you'd like. I imagine other opportunities will present themselves.

Sometimes sitting doing nothing is the most productive thing you can do.

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