Tuesday, 9 July 2013

What a busy and Interesting week

Following on from last weeks blog
and our visit to the Legacy Exhibition
these are the three extra jugs I sent off to John on Wednesday.
 I made half a dozen of these this week as well.
 Marion set about putting together the wall of inspiration in the school area
 It became apparent it was going to take us longer than we thought
so I joined in as well, we finally finished it at 8pm.
 The next morning I walked in to work with Cadbury
and this is the Barn now complete from the outside.
 This Saturday was Barrington Day, the main fund raising event
 for the church in the village.
 As ever we entered the scarecrow competition, 
but we did it in our own style.
we went topical with
The Rolling Stones At Glastonbury
we had stones music playing as well.
 This was our favorite
I told this guy he had too much spare time on his hands.
 The flowers at the church were fantastic again this year.
 I'll forgive Anne Robinson for not using one of my leaflets
in her display of patron Saint of Potters.
 Throughout the village gardens are open for food and drink.
 Peter &Ian had a great selection of classic & vintage cars on display.
 amazing old bikes as well.
 I did like this one.
 We Had Cream Tea's in this garden
and both concluded that this was the house for us.
 Salar had a French cafe set up in their front garden
and of course someone had to check the quality of the wine.
The sun hasn't stopped shining all week
this was our bathroom sink in the morning.
Then today Marion and I went to a heath down near Bovey Tracey.
Where I set about making very small wasp nests!
Like these ones.
This man is an expert on Potter wasps
they make their nests from clay
and this film crew were making a short film about him and the wasps
for the BBC 1 One Show
They had asked me to have a go at making them and do a very short interview
about how they are made.
It was baking hot but we had some good fun
and all seemed to go well
as for when it will be shown
I'll let you know, they think it might be in about two weeks time.
We never believed that we would be doing 
so many interesting things as potters.
Now back to making pots.


Juliet Macleod said...

Lovely - thanks Paul. I'm with you on the red Aston Martin.

imagine said...

The jug on the left in your first picture has left here for a new home.
It was purchased by a local collector who just happened to have been born in Barrington [Knap Cottage].
He was thrilled when he heard of the connection and has promised to use the jug each day.

smartcat said...

You have certainly chosen a modest little house and auto. It looks like a lovely week end.
Could you explain to this Swamp Yankee what a Cream Tea is? If it involves tea I'm sure it is delicious....but exactly what deliciousness?

Paul Jessop said...

Good afternoon Smartcat. a cream tea is a pot of English tea, taken either with or without milk and with or without sugar, I'm a milk and two sugars man myself. the other part is a scone with cream & jam. it's a perfect afternoon treat.

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