Monday, 9 September 2013

A Tale of two days at a show - Day Two

So Bring on Day Two
Like these kids
I was excited,
 how well were we going to do today?
Digging for worms.

I hour in no sales!
They came in their droves
 and why not
Hugh was here again signing books.
 Plenty of attractions and things to get involved with.
two hours in No sales!
 The weather was great.
 Then the rain came
£5.00 sale
( not a rain mac )
 By the time Tim was on
we were up to £40
 Weather the same as yesterday
customers, as many as yesterday,
Stall, just the same as yesterday,
pots on display just the same as yesterday,
 In fact most things were better on Sunday
But at the end of the day total sales
What a contrast to Saturday
I have no idea why?
it did kind of burst my bubble a bit
but when I stand back and look at the weekend
£500 was a pretty good show all in all.
But can anyone tell me why one day should
 be so different to the second?
Answers on a post card please to
perplexed of Barrington!


Dennis Allen said...

Dear Perplexed... It's simple it is a darned hard way to make a dependable living. Had a show once where the only money I saw was a nickel(5p) I found on the ground on my way to get the truck at 5 pm. THAT was a long day! Worked myself silly in the heat yesterday for a mediocre return. Anytime I know how much I have taken in without counting and have trouble getting the pots to fit back in the crates at 5 pm I know its been a tough day.Hope springs eternal. Next Saturday will be great.

Paul Jessop said...

Dear Dennis, strange you should say you found a Nickel, on day two I found a 5p piece on the floor of the tent, I must have missed you.or maybe the Nickel God likes potters?

Lori Buff said...

So many factors, one theory I heard was that Sunday's are better because the husbands are home watching football (in America) and not telling the wives not to buy something. I've paid attention and have not found that to be true, I sell almost equally to both men and women. But who knows if that's not true for someone else.

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