Monday, 9 September 2013

A Tale of Two Days at a Show. Day One

So It's River Cottage Autumn Fair
a show we love doing
and a show that we have always done well at.
The weather forecast was a bit - well
We set up the night before as we always do
this year we were able to borrow Wendy & Martin's Van.

As you can see it started out very sunny and bright
if just a tad cooler than the previous week had been. 
I got off to a flying start having taken £100
in the first 30 mins. 
Now, I never talk about Money on these blogs
I think it's emotive,
But in this case I think it's relevant, 
because of the vast difference between the two days!
By 11.30 I was on £200
and the weather was starting to look a bit Ominous! 
 I had managed to do some Demonstrations as well.
 Then the rain came down for a bit
and the Field Kitchen was full to the brim
I'm sure it was full of people enjoying one of Steve's
demonstrations and talks
as much as sheltering from the rain.
 These chaps were just happy they wern't in the Kitchen.
I over heard a great line from a lady
trying to convince her husband as to why they should
 buy some Lama's she said
" There's no killing involved".

 Then the sun came out again
and more people brought pots,
by this time we were up to £420
My Larger Lipped bowls had sold well
I'd sold 5 in the period of one Hour,
Two sold because they had seen them on Twitter. 
 Then right at the end the rain came back for another go at us
but by that time I could give a Monkey's
So Day One Sum up 
loads of great customers
loads of great comments
loads of great banter
Loads of great sales
Bring on day Two!

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