Caution! Hard working Potters

Sorry for the lapse in posting on here
but we are rather busy at the moment and it's just 
one of the things I had to let slip.

Current Production includes these Wine coolers for the local pub
We haven't even had time to get in there either. 
Sauce pots for Germany along with Ramekins and larger dishes
some of these are finished now.

This Large Harvest jug came out very rich and has now sold.

Detail on the sauce pots. 
Marion's sgrafitto on some pint tankards. 
The group of ladies that came in for a half day Taster session
these are the ones that made me Blush! 
and Last Friday we held our Macmillan coffee morning
and we raised £301.50

and these large lipped bowls are now available online.
October looks like it's going to be a very busy month.
If your thinking of ordering for Christmas
sooner rather than later would be advised.

We should have the log burner up and running in the
workshop this Month.
It's getting chillier 
time to wrap up and keep warm.


Anna M. Branner said…
one of the things I had to let SLIP.....

Haha! Yes it is that busy time of year isn't it!

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