Monday, 28 October 2013

Media Frenzy at Escape to the Pottery.

Please accept my apologies for the length of time since my last post.
But I'm sure you will agree when you get to the end of this blog post
that we have been a little bit busy.
But before I go into all that's been happening here,
Here is a shot of a set of soup bowls that seem to have caused a 
stir on Facebook this week.
I made these for us to use at Home! 
OK so what's been going on?
These mugs have been made for a TV production company
working on a new Drama adaptation of 
Jamaica Inn for the BBC.
They had to look like they were made circa 1820.
How do you think I did?
Last week we had a TV production company in the workshop
filming for the Popular TV show
Escape to the Country,
This should be shown in the New Year but I think it may well
be March before it gets aired.
We have been so busy I haven't had time to trip the roses
on the front of the cottage.
We have had a delivery of our 
New Tear & Share Boards.
Made by our friends that supply boards to River Cottage
These have been designed by Marion & Me to fit our
Dishes of all sizes.
These will be available on our web site soon.
We have also completed our order for the Restaurant
in Frankfurt 150 pots were sent out last week.
Here is a great link to a short film about Mogg & Meltzer
in Berlin from the New York Times.
See how many of our pots you can spot?

Here is part of another order completed this Month
25 Cider mugs.
And if our other Items haven't been enough
last Friday I was on BBC Radio Bristol
on a spot called Odd Job.
Here is the link to the listen again web site
You can skip to my bit 42 mins into the programme.
all just a good bit of fun.

So what do you think 
Have we been busy? are we excused the lapse in post's?


Dennis Allen said...

I haven't posted lately either. Got to get on that. Congrats on all the exposure.

smartcat said...

You have been on the go! Great that you are getting all sorts of exposure. Love the board and bowl sets.

Anna M. Branner said...

Apology accepted! You are right, you have been crazy busy. I'll bet wrapping and mailing those 150 bowls took a good bit of time as well!

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