Wednesday, 13 November 2013

It's that time of year again.

Love it or Hate it
it's that time of Year again, when every shop
you go in has the same old Christmas music and 
the same old stuff.
Well Not Here!
You can't buy our pots in just any old shop
and you wont find us playing the same old 
Christmas Music either.
Marion spent all day yesterday dressing the showroom
for Christmas. 
Not a fake bit of Tinsel in sight, 
We were planning on having a huge Tree
but unfortunately finances didn't stretch that far.
In fact Marion didn't spend any money at all. 
 It's all natural stuff collected from either our garden at home
and the surrounding woods.
 We are still taking orders for Christmas
and we are working on a lot at the moment.
 We have some great vouchers available
so if you can't decide what someone you love
might like, get them a voucher and let them come
 and choose for themselves.
The Court is now closed in the week days
but Open at weekends
but we are open all the time and your welcome
to pop in and see us.
The Barrington Boar does great food if your looking
for a lunch time treat.
                                     But Remember we are closed on Wednesday's.

1 comment:

gabi said...

Marion did a wonderful job, I just love it.

I wish you a lot of visitors, spending a ton of money on your handmade, one of a kind, special items.

No more mainstream factory sh!t under the Christmas trees.

Handmade with love, given with love!

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