Monday, 13 January 2014

New Showroom & Big Pugmill Bargain.

We started the New Year by 
improving our Showroom and counter.
Back in June when we moved into the barn, we had only one day
to install a counter and design our showroom.
It was Ok but time has proved that it was just a tad to small.
So we have taken down the counter
and moved it back 3 feet.
Then we raised the height to make the space behind it
more usable space for us.
We used a roll of wallpaper to decorate the front
of the counter to look like an old book case and added
some wooden planks taken from Pallets we have our clay
delivered on. just sanded and waxed.
This gives you an idea of the extra space
as this table used to be up against the counter.
Then at the end of last week I found I had won a bid on Ebay
for something I bid on on New Years Eve,
But I had forgotten I had placed a bid until
my Ebay account told me I needed to pay for one Item.
Oh Crikey! what was that I thought?
It turned out to be this Fantastic Vertical Pugmill
The Bargain of the Century at only £53.00
The details said they were not sure if it worked.
so I'm sure that's why know one bid on it.
But We got it in our car and brought it back to the workshop
and wired it up and it works a treat!
All we have to do now is re design the workshop space
again to fit it in .
But What a great start to 2014.


Lori Buff said...

Excellent deal. What a stroke of luck.
I like what you've done with the counter, it looks very inviting.

Paul Jessop said...

Thanks Lori

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