Monday, 24 February 2014

Neglected Potters Wheel Owners, it's time you came out of the closet and headed to Somerset.

I thought I might  just ask what might seem a silly question
Do you have one of these you don't use?
How can you be so cruel ?!
Is it sat in a cold damp garage covered in dust & cardboard boxes
never seeing the light of day or a bowl full of warm water?
Is that oh so very comfy seat being neglected
never to have the delights of a warm bum sat upon it?
Has that 13amp plug just been dangling over the edge of the tray
getting in your way and taking up space?
Shame on you!
 Now is your chance to redeem yourself.

As ever we have no spare money to just go out and buy
two new wheels, but the pottery school is starting to get booked up
and one of our wheels has died.
We like this type of wheel but we are open to ideas
so if you can help
we are looking to obtain two more potters wheels.
So do yourself a favour make some room, get a bit of cash for it
and give us a call or maybe email might be better,
 it's a kind of dating agency for unloved potters wheels.
what could we call it?
what about,
Mucky ?
Ok Maybe not.

1 comment:

gz said...

good for you!

Mind you I could put in a word for the wheel that is desperately seeking a workshop!!...It is very frustrating with nowhere to work

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