Saturday, 26 April 2014

I'm Loving Making My Pots

At the start of the year I said to myself that this year 
I would make more time to make Larger pots.
This conscious decision is paying off ,why?
Because I'm loving making the bigger pots alongside
the standard range.
I'm much happier with the quality of my pots now
something that must play on the minds of all potters all over the world.
One night this month I woke in the middle of the night
and my head was saying
" Your rims on your Pancheons are too thin"!
The very next morning I added an extra pound of clay to my
Pancheon size and made a thicker rim.
I'm much happier with them now, it's the small details
that make all the difference. 
 I also wanted a more rustic colour that would work well
with the rest of the collection
and I think we have found it with this Biscuit colour.
 Here is one of my larger dishes in Black
I just love the flow of the slip even the bits that didn't quite
flow all the way are there in the mind, it's all about
the confidence in which you approach the pot.
You just need to go for it and keep the flow.
 This one sold yesterday and it will be shipped to America next week
the lady just fell in love with it when she walked in the showroom.
I love it when that happens,
I love it when my pots speak to people, it's one of the joys
of selling your work direct to the public.
 It's very easy to get caught up in the bigger pots, but we know as a pottery
that not everyone can afford the bigger pieces, so I've started
making these Mini Pancheon serving dishes,
They measure just under 6" across and have a retail price of just £10 each
I love the simplicity of them.
 This 17" dish has been in the showroom for almost a week now
it's lovely to watch people running their hands over the rich honey glaze
and feeling the throwing ribs.
 Here is a selection of the colours
they really do work well together. The Jugs a cracker!
This is the new Biscuit colour on one of our locally made tear & share boards.
And this picture below taken at the end of the day
just as the sun caught the daffodils in the showroom
looks like they have been plugged in.
Have a great week.


Dennis Allen said...

Paul, everything is looking great. The tear and shares are a good idea to add value to a small piece.

Tracey Broome said...

I love the simplicity of your work and how happy you are making it. Just goes to show what happens when you stick with something!

Lori Buff said...

I like the new glazes. It's so nice to be loving what you do, isn't it?

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