Saturday, 17 May 2014

A Visual Feast at Barrington Pottery

I was just sorting out which pictures to put on the blog
and I decided to keep it brief, not because there isn't much to say
far from it, but I spent so much time looking at all the great pictures
it has made me think how lucky we are to be living and working in
 I said on my previous post that I am loving working at the moment
and I am I'm loving some of my new much bigger pots.
"Simple Honest Pottery"
really does sum up what we do! 
 Marion has been working on the garden a lot this year
and this is the view from the kitchen window
when I was having breakfast the other day.
 I've been putting in some late hours at the workshop
and this was the sun set the other night.
It really doesn't feel like work
more of a dream come true.

 Look at our small Cottage
why it hasn't been featured in Country Living magazine yet
 I'll never Know.
 Bigger chunkier handles on the large dishes look and feel good.
 and here is the sun moving around to the front of the workshop
and lighting up Marion's wall of inspiration.
at night, this was about 8.30pm on Tuesday Night.
This is a Nice photo of Cadbury, so nice to be able to stop on our walk and just
 lay down on the grass and enjoy the moment.

 Our new design Corporate T shirt's arrived this week
in time for the River Cottage Food Fair 24th -26th May.
So what do you think it say's on the back of mine?


Anna M. Branner said...

I am so glad that Marion has joined you to truly create a dream. Making pottery and puttering in the garden must be a huge improvement over "going to the stuffy office" every day. I am so glad you all are such a success! And not surprised at all. :)

Sandy miller said...

The place is just beautiful! as are the pots!
County Home should be calling shortly :)

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