Monday, 20 October 2014

Cider Beakers

The first batch of our New Cider Beakers
Came out of the kiln today.
We Tried a number of decorative designs
But as usual I prefer the More simple designs.

The Beakers are around 4.5" Tall and hold around about
half a pint of Cider.
We Are not worried about getting the size spot on
as these are Cider Beakers for a relaxed approach to
drinking, just topping up from a bottle or flagon
or even a Barrel.
 They feel great in the hand and very comfy to hold
adding to the pleasure of drinking Cider with your mates.
 Each one is individually hand made
so you can tell which on is yours.
 They are going to be added to the web site
as soon as our IT Dept (Marion)
can get them loaded up.
 We Have tried to Price them up so that they are a fair price 
for a Hand Made Individual Cider Beaker.
@ £14 each
with a reduction on the posting cost if you buy two or more.
Lets face it 
Who wants to drink alone!
They're going to get their first outing at
The Dartmouth Food Festival
This weekend


Bryan said...

Your gold/honey colour is gorgeous - sunshine on a pot! Coloured slip, or just iron in glaze over a white slip, or super secret magic goodness? Excellent!

Lori Buff said...

They are beautiful and priced well, you should sell many of them. Have a great show.

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