Thursday, 30 October 2014

Launch of our Brand New E Voucher.

It's a BIG Bright E
and its here for the Launch of our Brand New 
E Voucher.
Available on line at our web site ( See Link Below)
This allows customers to send a Voucher for our Pottery
to who ever they should wish to Via Email.
No need to send in the post! in fact it would work Brilliantly if you
 suddenly Realised you had forgotten a Birthday.
 If someone has done something Awesome for you
You could just send them a little voucher
to say 
Thanks You Made My Day.
It's our way of letting you spread a little hapiness
just that little bit further.
and the recipient does't even have to come into the showroom
they can use it to order on line
Happ E Day's

So Keep the link in your favorites and save it for when you might just need it!

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