Thursday, 13 November 2014

Barrington Pottery Heading up the National Trust Artisan & Craft Selection.

We have been working hard on a range of pots
for the National Trust.
The idea is that they will be available in 5 shops 
and available on line
here is a link to the online shop
it went Live last weekend and they have already placed
a re stocking order within 3 days.
so as you can imagine we are very pleased with that.

Last week we also felt that we just had to go and see the Ceramic poppies in London.

It is an amazing installation and we are both glad we made the effort
to go and see them.

I had gone thinking I would be quite moved by it all
as I'm that type of guy.
But it didn't feel like that.
I think with so many people it didn't give you
the space to sit quietly and reflect. 
 To me it seemed to feel like death had become a spectator sport.
I'm not knocking it in any way, the idea and the installation
is totally amazing.

Back in the workshop the New Cider beakers are proving to be a hit.

We have done our photo shoot for 
Country Homes & Interiors Magazine
here's one of the shots that I took when the photographer was here
 We have now seen a copy of the article and pictures that will be used.
I hasten to add this isn't one of them!

 We will be featured in the February 2015 issue.
and here is a start of our Christmas decorations for the showroom.
So as ever it's all go
we finally get some time off 
between Christmas & New Year.

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