Sunday 15 February 2015

Large Leaf Jug and workshop revamp

Over the past few weeks I have been working on this tall
leaf resist jug

at this time of year picking good leaves is very difficult
so in the end I printed some off the computer
and cut each one out.

This was a commission for a Lady in our Village on Valentines day
and Marion wrote some nice words
just below the handle
We hope to be doing more of this kind of work this year.

Also this year we felt our workshop space wasn't working as well
as it should.
Marion didn't have her own work station, which was just
plain wrong. So I came up with a better plan. 

It meant a total re design of the barn.
So we re arranged our shelving to sit along the side wall

 Then we built a low wall in the middle of the floor
 and we set about creating two work stations
 I've got mine up and running, but Marion is going to wait 
until we can afford a new wheel to set up her station. 
 It actually feels much better to defined areas to work.
The big long table that was in the middle is now  turned
45 degrees at the back of the workshop
which works much better when we are glazing.

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gz said...

looks positive...good

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