Saturday, 7 March 2015

"The Bastard Executioner" and other pots!

I've been asked to make some pots
for a Film!
"The Bastard Executioner"
 it's being filmed
in the Cardiff area of Wales next Month
and I've been asked top make some drinking vessels that will
hang from the saddle on four horses.
This was a trial pot.
we have modified it from this.
I've also made a new showroom table
it's 8ft long and made from old scaffolding planks
that I was given by a chap in the Village.

Here are some of the modified shape bottles before I have 
flattened them and added the handle.
we had a day out of the workshop picking up supplies from
Bath Potters supplies
afterwards we went to Chedder for a coffee
it was here that I took these pictures of a small water fall.
This will give it a bit of perspective!
Our new web site ideas are being put on the back burner for a few months
so in the meantime, I'm adding some close up shots
onto the current site.
if you can see the detail you can appreciate the pots better.
I've re designed my workstation.
I've cut up my favorite book and stuck the pages on my wall
to help keep me focused.
I've also been updating some of the pictures on the web site
as some of the pots on there were made 5 years ago
and I'd like to think 
they have improved since then.

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Dennis Allen said...

Congrats on the commission. That's really cool.

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