Sunday, 26 July 2015

Some People say Blogging is Dead! Mine's still Breathing at the Moment.

I've always been interested in Sales & Marketing
which is one of the reasons
I Love doing what I do.
I'm a Potter
But if your going to survive in this world
You have to get off your arse and sell what you make.
That's the bit I love
almost as much as the making.

 These are our new Tags for pots or Bags.

When I posted about them on Twitter.

a marketing lady in New York Favorited my Tweet
I was interested about this and followed up the link
I've attached it here
5 Digital Trends 
One of which is that the standard Blog is dead.

Make of it what you will
I was intrigued by the thought that people will have chips
put in their skin
so My computer would know when they walk into my store!
and I could then use this info to sell them stuff.
Luckily for me I operate on a much smaller scale and I can see them walk into 
my pottery and say Hi
and have a
with them and then I might just sell them a pot.
Moral of the story
"Keep it Small"!


Dennis Allen said...

Good advice. You and Marion have a great space and present your work very well.I may be a luddite but I still believe sales depend upon the relationship between the maker and the buyer.

Lori Buff said...

People like us who are makers can benefit from modern technology, like our blogs reaching all over the world but people aren’t buying hand crafted pottery because we have a computer on the kiln or even at the checkout, they are buying it because they like the pot and the person who made it.

Yup, keep it small.

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