Monday, 24 August 2015

Working flat out at the Pottery.

August has proved to be a full on Month here at the Pottery.
We have been making pots for a 300 pot order
from the National Trust.
It's taken up so much time
our showroom stock is at an all time low. 

Devon Jugs waiting to be glazed.

and here is one of the firings.

I've made all the 300 pots now
so we are now trying to build up stock for the showroom
these cereal bowls are in the biscuit firing tonight.

  The pastel shades look great when they are drying. 
 I finally Finished my order for two sinks.
I'm very happy with them, but I don't think I'll make any more!
 Marion has been decorating some of my larger Pancheons 
I love the simplicity of the design.
 and here's one I've done
Marion has spent the whole of August 
in the school room doing 
Play with clay.

September is looking to very busy as well
it looks like were not going to get a rest until


Dennis Allen said...

Busy is good, repeat after me, busy is good

smartcat said...

Busy until Christmas means a guilt free rest in January!
The studio looks great. If I ever cross the pond you are definitely on my visit list!

Barbara Rogers said...

Beautiful work...thanks for taking the time to share your days with us here!

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