Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Pots are like people in so many ways.

I Have always said to my customers the reason people relate to pots in such a personal way is that pots are very much like people themselves.
The obvious things are that they have a foot a belly a shoulder and a neck.

But I think the reasons spread much further than that.
Some pots seem to speak to you straight away, These are the confident pots
often with something in common with yourself.

Some pots sneak up on you without noticing, then suddenly you start
noticing them and start smiling when you see them.

Some pots you never want to see again
and there's nothing wrong with that!
Others that you lust after belong to someone else.

Can you see where I'm coming from?
A few might shock you.

I know I've seen a few that make me wonder about the state of mind of the maker.
Those ones tend to be left on a shelf as you quietly walk past.
here again I can think of people.

The vast majority will go unnoticed and will go about their daily business.
But when you see a pot that lifts your spirits
and you feel a connection that's the point at which you should buy it.
Hand Made pots are one off's
it's not like buying something from a department store
when it's sold that's it.
there aren't going to be 10 more in the stock room.
and if there are then they won't quite be the same
as the one you saw first.
I try and convey this to people in my showroom, but it's hard
to try and not sound pushy.
God Knows the last thing I would ever want people to feel is pushed
into making a purchase.
To me it's all about the experience of buying a pot that speaks to you
as much as the pot it's self .
Buying from the maker is the best thing you can do.
So go on Break the mould this year!


Dennis Allen said...

They are like people. Once you throw them to the floor and jump on them things are hard to patch up.

Paul Jessop said...

Treat them well and you can Love them for ever !

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