Barrington Pottery is entering a New Chapter in it's white Knuckle ride.

We open on Sunday's as well as every other day of the week
It's about being open when visitors are around
and at the moment Barrington Court is closed in the week
and only open at weekends
until mid February 2016.
But I just Love having the workshop all to myself
during the week.
I can listen to the plays on BBC Radio 4.
Today I put my i pod on loud and just stuck it on random
from 495 songs Brilliant!

But it also means I can crack on with making more pots
without being disturbed. 

These Cider Beakers are a classic case of me just loving making pots . 

I've also found time to make these small storage jars with a handle.
I have a set of these I made years ago
on my shelf at home in the kitchen for Tea, Coffee and Sugar
They are great and I made them to show my visitors this week from Japan.

Here I am with Koi and Rumi from the Gallery St-Ives Tokyo.
who paid me a visit on Monday to discuss pots
for me to make for a new Exhibition in the gallery in April 2016.

Earlier in the week I posted this Picture on my Facebook page
and suggested that if you know someone that's just starting
to get interested in pottery and you want to buy them an inspirational
Christmas present
then you couldn't go far wrong by buying them
a good quality pot and an inspirational book!

But having reflected on this
if they are not into Country pottery, you would do better
to buy them a years subscription to Ceramic Review.
This covers far more bases and art forms using ceramics.
They do have an offer on at the moment of 1 Year for £38

This dish was a new design and it sold within 10 mins of being put on the shelf.
That's a nice feeling.

In Other News:
Tom from The Great British Pottery Throw Down
came to see us again this week
with some more pie dishes

I got to know Tom at Art in Clay in Hatfield in August this year
he was in the audience of my demonstration
" Your first 10,000 pots are your worst"
He's been improving his throwing skills by making pie dishes for us
for the past few months
and he's come on great.
he has his own web site with some great pots
( Mind you they are Stoneware! )
You can check him out here.

here are some of the bisc fired pie dishes.

He's not allowed to tell me how he's got on
in the show.
He's been a Major in the Army so I'm sure no amount of 
interrogation from me will make him spill the beans.
We shall just have to watch it and find out.
Personally I'm loving it.
Ceramics seems to be the big Buzz word at the moment
and that can only be good for us all.
Happy Potting.


Anonymous said…
Looking great! Congratulations on the show and all else!

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