Wednesday, 23 March 2016

This Potter is Back at the Wheel!

It's been over a Month since my last Blog,
to be honest I've not known what to write about.
and the first rule of blogging is wait until you have something to say.

I've not been away 
just very busy
Putting most pictures on Instagram

I think the hardest part has been dealing with the fact that it feels like 
I've had the rug pulled from under my feet when we have been
 moving along so nicely.
We had had a good end to 2015 and in January
I was making pots for the National Trust and for the Slipware Exhibition
in Japan, when I was taken ill.
All of these pots have now been delivered I'm pleased to say.
I'm very excited about supplying pots to the Gallery St - Ives in Japan.

Getting stuck back into work is the best way of dealing with it
as the new ideas from the hospital are that you should get more active.
But I'm not sure if they realise just how hard work pottery can be.
I've had to cut down my hours
and we are trying to make some important changes
but it's not easy.

One thing my time in Hospital did for me was to give me time to realise
just how precious my Time with Marion is.
This track on my iphone hit the spot at the time.

 Things need to change!

 I need to make New Stuff!

Classic shapes will always have their place. 

Larger pieces will also be more prominent  
this is the first big pancheon I've thrown which I did on Tuesday
evening during our evening classes.
I loved the sunlight hitting my pots whilst I was throwing them
and this was my favorite picture of the day.

We are attending the rehabilitation course at Yeovil Hospital which is
twice a week on a Monday and Thursday
so that's really eating into our making time.
But the main thing is I'm back at it
and this week i'm feeling much more like my old self.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are re-turning to your wheel!

smartcat said...

Recovery can be a long, slow progress, but it does work.
So happy to see that you are in the studio and making again. It must feel like coming home!
I think you and Marion are two fortunate people to have each other.

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