Sunday, 10 April 2016

Pride & Pudding is Now Available

I'm feeling pretty proud myself this week
It's not everyday somebody writes a food book that is both
Beautiful to look at and an excellent reference point.
But this week Regula Ysewijn has done just that
with here new book Pride & Pudding.
Available in most good book shops and on Amazon
see the link below.

The reason I'm feeling so proud is that some of the photos are of our pots
being used just how they should be. 

 Great pictures in a top quality book and all for around £20 
that's amazing value for money
and a real treat for anybody that loves cooking.

 Regula also uses our pots on a regular basis on her blog

 here are a few pictures from her latest blog.
I love seeing our pots being used and loved. 
it kind of completes the circle.

And if that wasn't enough this week I've been told I'm a Finalist
in the Craft & Design Magazine Selected makers Awards.
So thank you to everyone who voted for me
it's very much appreciated.
Now I just have to wait for the Judges decision.
either way it's a pleasure just to be voted for.

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Anonymous said...

Great news - congratulations!

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