Busman's Holiday to visit Clive Bowen.

We are incredibly busy in the workshop at the moment
as we are working on a large order for the National Trust.
But Wednesday is our one day off in the week
and it just so happens that this week
is Clive Bowen's Spring Sale.

Marion Loves Clive's work as much as I do
But we both said no to this large plate because we thought
some of the decoration looked like sperm!
Very off putting if your eating your dinner off it.

 This was the door into Clive's workshop
and this the view from the window. 
I loved this. 
 I love the light that the big showroom window offers
Clive gave us a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake
and Marion pointed out a pot she loved. 
and this was my cup of tea sat on Clive's first kiln 
I was so pleased to see his sink looking like this
it made me feel better about mine.
The whole place has such a natural feel about it
and Clive was a great host and talked a lot to us about 
slips and clay's Clive has been using the groged red
from Commercial clay and I use the Smooth Red
from them
I had one of my big jugs in the car that I showed to Clive
and he seemed to like it, he said he would give it a try.

We talked about The Gallery St Ives in Japan where I had just had some of my pots
in an Exhibition along with Dylan Bowen

as ever I have come away buzzing with enthusiasm
and a determination to get on with my order and get them out the door so I can move on to other ideas now buzzing around my head. 
Why is he not Sir Clive Bowen?
A Better ambassador for country pottery as you will ever find. 


Dennis Allen said…
Those are commas on the plate to remind you to pause when you eat.
andrew widdis said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
andrew widdis said…
That's a lovely scene from the showroom window.
Sputz said…
That sink... a potter after my own heart!

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