Friday, 17 February 2017

2017 has started very well at Barrington Pottery

The Christmas break was well earned this year.
We took time out to rest and enjoyed going for walks 
in and  around the  village.
in  the  New Year we were offered the chance to stay at a friends 
house in Cornwall.
Which gave us chance to go exploring.
including a little visit to Wenford Bridge, I had never been here before 
and it would appear that it's days are numbered!
So we came back to the workshop refreshed and ready for action.
While in Cornwall I had secured an order for 200
pots for a restaurant in Cologne.
which I set about making on my first day back 
it was a great way to start the year.
it helps to build up your confidence for larger pieces 
its been relatively mild and the sunlight in the showroom 
has been a joy.
Walking to  work has been a pleasure 
the order progressed nicely .

at the start of the year we planned out the shows wanted to attend 
and applied for them .
We are pleased to say we were accepted by all of them .

the order came out okay and we shipped 6 boxes 
overnight .
we are still making time to spend with our friends, we have lost a few 
recently that were way too young to go and it's made 
us thankful .
with that very much in mind I finally sorted out Marion's
Birthday present !

and here is my Granddaughter Lily 
looks like she's going to be trouble !!

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Anonymous said...

Glad it all is going well for you!

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