Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Barrington Pottery has never been so busy !

I made this tall jug for the auction at the Barrington Boar
in aid of the local St Margaret's Hospice
We were thrilled when it fetched £170.00
in Total they raised over £3,200. Well done to all involved.
not forgetting our friend Jess from the smokery who made the night such a success 
with his brilliant auctioneering.
A new year and our new colours are proving to be big hit.
I must admit it's proving to be hard work keeping the showroom 
well stocked, but on the other hand  it's a great problem to have.
We are both so motivated at the moment 
and I'm determined to spread the love.
The next of our National Trust orders is being delivered next week 
this exclusive new colour is proving to be bang on trend.

here they are in production in our workshop 

In keeping with our plan of working hard but also giving ourselves 
time for some fun 
we set off on Valentines day at 8am with the roof down 
for a trip up on Ham hill and the Prince of Wales pub for breakfast!
we found out later that the actual Prince of Wales 
( Prince Charles )
 turned up at the same pub for lunch only 2 hours after we left
how weird is that ?
all we saw was this chocolate labrador!

these pots were in previous posts so I thought I would show 
the finished pots. 

This bowl was an idea I had whilst I was being sold some old pancheons
that the glaze was falling off in my hands,
the idea came to me at that moment 
so I handed them back and walked away. 
this one has already sold, the guy said it just spoke to him as soon as they walked in.
so this year we are making new designs 
but also making sure we keep plenty of stock of  best selling pots.
who would have thought that making such simple pots could be so rewarding ?

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Barbara Rogers said...

very inspiring! Thanks for sharing great pots and pics.

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