Saturday, 28 July 2018

Barrington Pottery 10 Years in the making!

This Year Barrington Pottery will become
10 Years old
It's been an incredible journey with some amazing
highlights, but it's not been easy!

I'm going to be selecting links to some of my Early Blogs to give a flavour
of where it all started.
I started with absolutely no money to back me up
and so to survive each month has been a challenge
that some months took me to the brink,
but a determination to succeed has led me to dig deeper
into my inner soul than I had ever thought possible.
I've been reading some of my early blog posts and I have been surprised
as to how open and candid I have been in the past about my thoughts.
It has led me to realise that the openness was something that I liked
and is what made the blog in the early days such an intriguing insight.

My first attempt at becoming a potter back in the early 1980's
failed due to ME,
 I can't blame anyone else, I was too young and inexperienced as simple as that!

It's amazing what a sheer determination to survive can do for you
combined with 24 years of experience in the contract sales market
that I have been able to use along the way this time around.
So here is the first of a series of blog links
that for me mark the milestones of my journey.
Thank You

Here is a link to the blog showing my first showroom in the back garden of our cottage.

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