Thursday, 3 January 2019

I've Finally reached the Dark side of the moon!

I'm back on the Blog again and Why?
Because The Chinese have landed on the dark side of the moon?
No, because I have time, time to stop and think,
time to look back and reflect, and more importantly time
to plan ahead!
If you want to reach your ultimate goal
You need to plan ahead.
We love planning the year ahead, because we love to know how the year is going to pan out. (well that's the idea! )
We actually bought our 2019 year planner and diary back
in September last year!

Our biggest decisions have been:

A: Not to go on holiday for 10 day's
B: Not to apply for any of the big shows
C: Buy some more wheels for the school room
D: To offer a brand new service ( details to follow )
E: Write a diary throughout the year of our showroom

The reasoning for the above list
The last few holidays we've been on haven't quite gone to plan and we both said we could have explored more local areas and spent more time in our own home, which this year needs some new windows ( handmade of course ) and a new boiler! £££

The big shows are great but I get so uptight on the build up, that my simple pots are not good enough
that for us we have to make the harsh reality of adding up all the costs and deciding that yes we make money and yes we get to meet great customers, but we might just save a few bob.

Our school room continues to thrive with so many people coming for our lessons that have been recommended by friends. a small increase in spaces available will enable us to fulfill the ever increasing booking list.

I'm quietly excited about our new venture for 2019. We have close links with the interiors world as it's an area I spent most of my working life in before we started the pottery and it's putting that knowledge to the test that's going to be exciting!

And lastly I'm going to keep a diary on the showroom because we get such a mix of people through the door from the highly knowledgeable about ceramics to the utterly stupid
 " I can't believe their Human " How do they function type of people!
 and every time I go on a rant about them on my Facebook page the response is comforting.
So there's some mileage in that and at the same time it get's the frustration out!

But most of all I'm looking forward to making some very nice pots
Having more fun and feeling under less pressure!
Come on Visitors
I'm ready for you this Year!
Cue Pink Floyd


Anna said...

I look forward to seeing your new very nice pots
Happy New Year

gz said...

It's good to be organised... I always seem to veer away from the plan of luck! The plans sound good though.

smartcat said...

Sounds like a good blueprint.
Even if there are side excursions a good map of intentions gives the impetus to get going.
I look forward to more of your exciting pots and comments.
Happy New Year to you and Marion!

Tracey Broome said...

I need to get back to my blog, this was a nice morning read, much more pleasant than FB. I miss all the old blogs. I know what you mean about the utterly stupid, I had it every day in my shop, one of the many reasons I closed. Just couldn't take another day of it!
Best of luck to you in the new year, still watch in amazement as you grow!

Anna M. Branner said...

Shows are so much work, and not just the making of pots. The physicality of packing, driving, setting up, smiling for 8+ hours, repacking, driving home and then unpacking again is exhausting. Excited to hear what your new venture is!

Shukla said...

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Kumar said...

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