Saturday, 4 April 2020

The World finally seems to be spinning at a more comfortable speed!

Hi, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt able to get back on my Blog 
I’ve missed doing it!
When I look back at some of my early ones, I was quite raw and open, a quality 
that gave it an edge and told it how it was, the good the bad and the indifferent!

I started the blog at a point of major changes in my life that sent me on my current journey.
So now two weeks into this Coronavirus Covid-19 World Pandemic,
 at this time it feels only right to re -ignite the fire of the Blog!

In recent years I've been feeling more and more like the World is spinning
far to fast for me!
I just want to jump off and take a break!

Well be careful what you wish for 
is my current mantra!

I like to do things at my own pace, which could sometimes be described as
" did he just move? I'm not sure? "
and yet other days I'm up with the Lark and full of beans!
I seem to work in bursts (I was going to write spurts) but that sounds a bit rude!

Whatever you think about this crazy situation we all currently find ourselves in
I'm actually enjoying the lock down
Time to do all the things I should have done, Like repair the front windows on our cottage.

Time to take new pictures for our website and generally do all the little extra bits involved in running a fully commercial selling website, It needs constant updating.
Earlier this year we had our 1,000th online order.
Anyone who says selling pottery online can't be done
look away now!

We can actually get into our workshop without meeting anyone all day
because the whole Barrington Court National Trust site has been closed down,
But to be honest I haven't felt very much like making anything
until we have sorted out how we are going to survive financially!
Its taken a lot of time and effort 
on both our parts but we think we have most things sorted for now.

 Going into the workshop feels very strange, but I've decided i'm going in on Monday morning
to get orders finished and new pots made.

Of course for us one of our biggest headaches is going to be the re-scheduling
of all of our Pottery Taster sessions and full day lessons,
That's Marion's job and luckily so far everyone has been really helpful and understanding
so thank you all.
We will get you on those wheels! 

Time for reading stuff
I've had this little list of rules on my Computer for a few years now
and I felt now is a perfect time to share it!

 So That's got me back into the Blog
more in depth thoughts in the coming weeks
Chill out, Make use of your time, take time to have fun
try and get a good nights sleep, that's been our hardest thing
until very recently 
don't worry about everything at once, 
just pick things off your most urgent list and concentrate on them.

Don't be afraid to laugh even if it's only at yourselves.

Give yourself time to do the things you love doing
and Finally flowers always make you smile!

So Stay safe, Stay well and Stay at Home!


Vikki said...

I needed to hear a few of this words this week, especially the list of 5 things. Thanks for posting. Hope you are both staying safe x

gz said...

Welcome back. A lot of bloggers are returning to blogland!

Barbara Rogers said...

So glad to see you here again!


Many thanks for the lovely post! I love your five cardinal rules for life.
Good luck with repairing the front windows on your cottage.

Last year I bought a couple of your beautifully made Pancheons, I live in Norway, so keep up with your great work.

Kindly, Britta

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