Thursday, 8 April 2021

Are we not all in truth two people

The private self and 
the one the world demands to see?

For over a year now I have been quietly working away on some new slips and glazes
that I feel will move my work on to the next level.
I’ve always been able to see a next level in my mind but found myself too busy
with my current workload  to develop the ideas towards it!
Something I’ve know for a long time, that has been eating away at me
and my private self.
As a consequence my work has suffered and most noticeably myself,
but this past year
I feel as if the world has been spinning at a far more comfortable pace.

With many disappointments along the way it feels like a huge achievement 
when you finally open the kiln door to find a combination 
that actually works as it should do in your mind on a number of levels!

I sat down earlier this evening to put together one of my 
#madewithRipl posts on social media to ask my followers a Poll question 
as to should I change one of my long standing colours?

But, as I was putting it together 
I knew the answer!
These are my pots and I’m the potter
I instinctively know what is right for me! 
I’ll make my own decision for my private self
not the decision the world wants to see,
 not the bland compromise that a committee would stumble upon!

I have long had a love of French country pottery with particular colours 
I’ve been trying to achieve just because I like them,
some I’ve had the basic concept of for many years, but only in recent months have I had time
to think them through and then have that light bulb moment 
almost that Eureka! moment, that every artist needs to ignite that inner spark.

Subtle changes that make all the difference to the potter in his conceptual career,
for me this is big corner turned and will see a new direction in my work 
making pots that excite me!

This private self inside is confident enough to say yes, 
this is what I am going to do
it’s better than before.

This is a far better cream than before 
the two bowls below show the subtle difference with the front bowl
being the new cream.

The four 8” pots below are all new colours which when you see them in the flesh
and the new shapes that I’m going to make will move my work 

So if you’re disappointed that I didn’t have a poll
feel free to grab one of these

The private me and the one the world demands to see
are poles apart.
Have a great day and thanks for dropping by!



gz said...

Good choices, lovely glazes

patriotic vet said...

Well done, Paul!

Do what makes you happy!

Your journey continues, taking steps now with an extra spring in them.

Be well, be healthy, be happy.

Much love to you and Marion.

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