Monday 3 January 2022

Today we had a business meeting sat on a log, on a beach in Devon.

 When it boils down to it, we are just a small Pottery.
But this is the start of our 14th year in business,
and in that time I feel we have achieved a lot,
the key word to me in that previous sentence is
Right from the start of this journey in becoming a potter
I was sure that to survive I had to treat it as a business.
I wrote my business plan whilst at 33,000 feet sat in business class aboard a
 British Airways Boeing 747, on the return journey from
a business trip to China,
 when I worked for a British tile manufacturer in Stoke on Trent.

Space and time are what you need to be able to see things from
a different perspective,
 and being away from the usual surroundings allows you to think outside of the box.

So here we were 14 years down the line and I know what your thinking!
Did it go to plan?

No of course not!
that's not how life works.

So today just by chance we came across this driftwood log parked ourselves down
and started talking about our business,
bearing in mind it's now 12 days since we closed the doors before the Christmas break,
and neither of us had spoken a word about it.

This was the view from the log
as you can see it afforded us plenty of space and time
away from our usual surroundings.
Words and thoughts just poured out from both of us, 
nothing was written down nothing was off limits almost every aspect
was discussed and it felt so good!

We don't start back until 10th January, so now we have time to develop
our ideas and changes that will inevitably take place this year,
and we will move forward and maybe go and find somewhere else
to sit for a few days.
I love this time to think and above all think about the pots I want to make this year.
Fabulous day with my best Friend highly recommended.



gz said...

It's good to have a decent break before returning back into the fray.

cookingwithgas said...

This year after my last kiln firing in November, I walked out the door and have not been back in since. I am taking a much-needed break and doing some things that just needed to be done. Plus, we open in 1982, the math is real. We are not done yet but working smarter is my motto right now.

joergehenry said...

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