Monday, 20 October 2014

Cider Beakers

The first batch of our New Cider Beakers
Came out of the kiln today.
We Tried a number of decorative designs
But as usual I prefer the More simple designs.

The Beakers are around 4.5" Tall and hold around about
half a pint of Cider.
We Are not worried about getting the size spot on
as these are Cider Beakers for a relaxed approach to
drinking, just topping up from a bottle or flagon
or even a Barrel.
 They feel great in the hand and very comfy to hold
adding to the pleasure of drinking Cider with your mates.
 Each one is individually hand made
so you can tell which on is yours.
 They are going to be added to the web site
as soon as our IT Dept (Marion)
can get them loaded up.
 We Have tried to Price them up so that they are a fair price 
for a Hand Made Individual Cider Beaker.
@ £14 each
with a reduction on the posting cost if you buy two or more.
Lets face it 
Who wants to drink alone!
They're going to get their first outing at
The Dartmouth Food Festival
This weekend

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Just where do I start?

We have had so much going on
I haven't found time to keep the Blog updated
so let me please appologise for that.

Over the past week we have been interviewed
and Photographed
both at the workshop & Home for the 
Country Homes & Interiors Magazine.
for an article called 
My Country Business due to published
in the February 2015 edition.
The article will feature our cottage as well as our workshop.

This is the original Gas kiln in the back garden.
This is one of our bedrooms
but this one was not featured.

We are also having our Pancheons featured in the 
Christmas edition of the BBC Goodfood Magazine .com
I'll post the link when we have it.

We Finally received our order from the National Trust
to supply pots to 5 shops 
this is something we have been working on since April this year.
Although the initial order wasn't as big as we were expecting,
it should start to grow if the pots sell.

I'll give you the names of the shops when we have them.

Devon Jugs
Pie dishes

Sauce pots

We are also about to deliver a big order to a shop in 
Leamington Spar.
Here we have more than a dozen pancheons
as part of the order.

The Antiques Roadshow came to town at Barrington Court
and should be shown towards the end of this year.

 and at the end of the month we have been asked to take a stall at
 the Dartmouth Food Festival 25th & 26th October.

So that's about it at the moment!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Some New pots

This large 16" Serving dish and large jug 
came out of the kiln the other day.
Here are three 12" Pancheons, 
this size is proving very popular. 
Here is a link to the larger one on the web site.
 We have also put together our new Christmas gift Voucher
which are now available
from £10 upwards

I fixed both kilns yesterday
and so now we can get on with more firings.

Monday, 8 September 2014

BBC Antiques Roadshow Coming to Barrington Pottery.18th Sept 2014

Yes The Antiques Roadshow is coming to Barrington Court

If you want to attend here is a link 
with all the info you will need.
Including a free transport delivery service for larger items.

 Why not come and visit us as well
You can see our workshop
and enjoy a look around our showroom
in the Model Farm buildings.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Barrington Pottery Hits the Road in September

Well here we are, September seems to have come from nowhere!
This year we have two new shows to attend.
The first is the New Salisbury Contemporary craft & heritage fayre
in the grounds of Salisbury Cathedral.
We will both go up and set up the stall on Friday 5th Sept
and stay for the private view event in the evening.
Marion will man the stall on Saturday & Sunday
while I will be in the workshop making pots on both days and open.

September also means we start to make more soup bowls
and change our pallet slightly, using more of the warmer shades
for that comfort food effect.

This Year we have been asked to attend the Wardlow Mires Pottery & Food event
in the Beautiful Derbyshire dales.

So the workshop will be closed the weekend of the 
12th, 13th & 14th September.
But if you are up for it why not come and see us at the event
I'm told the pub is fantastic.
We have a nice big order looming that we will be working on
throughout September
More on that as we get full confirmation.
But it does mean that I shall be working some long hours this month.
so the breaks to the shows 
will be a nice way to break up the work, with a bit of travel
and a change of scenery.
I'm also looking at updating the web site with a new video
and a more arty style.
What about Married life?
We both feel that we feel more complete
 it feels as if the circle is now complete.
Thank You to all of our 
customers who gave us some amazing gifts
they were very much appreciated.
You know who you are.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Wedding Day blog with two short videos.

We had the most amazing wedding day ever.
So many of our friends and family made it so special.

Here is a very short video of us driving to the reception
in Peter Card's Car

 The Reception was on the sun terrace at Barrington Court
and here we are in the garden.

Here is a short video of the tractor
giving the kids a ride to the reception.

Every thing went so well

We had a great day and I got to Marry the woman of my dreams

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Wedding Blog first of a few to come over the next few days.

Just some quick pictures of the day and a short video