Monday, 8 September 2014

BBC Antiques Roadshow Coming to Barrington Pottery.18th Sept 2014

Yes The Antiques Roadshow is coming to Barrington Court

If you want to attend here is a link 
with all the info you will need.
Including a free transport delivery service for larger items.

 Why not come and visit us as well
You can see our workshop
and enjoy a look around our showroom
in the Model Farm buildings.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Barrington Pottery Hits the Road in September

Well here we are, September seems to have come from nowhere!
This year we have two new shows to attend.
The first is the New Salisbury Contemporary craft & heritage fayre
in the grounds of Salisbury Cathedral.
We will both go up and set up the stall on Friday 5th Sept
and stay for the private view event in the evening.
Marion will man the stall on Saturday & Sunday
while I will be in the workshop making pots on both days and open.

September also means we start to make more soup bowls
and change our pallet slightly, using more of the warmer shades
for that comfort food effect.

This Year we have been asked to attend the Wardlow Mires Pottery & Food event
in the Beautiful Derbyshire dales.

So the workshop will be closed the weekend of the 
12th, 13th & 14th September.
But if you are up for it why not come and see us at the event
I'm told the pub is fantastic.
We have a nice big order looming that we will be working on
throughout September
More on that as we get full confirmation.
But it does mean that I shall be working some long hours this month.
so the breaks to the shows 
will be a nice way to break up the work, with a bit of travel
and a change of scenery.
I'm also looking at updating the web site with a new video
and a more arty style.
What about Married life?
We both feel that we feel more complete
 it feels as if the circle is now complete.
Thank You to all of our 
customers who gave us some amazing gifts
they were very much appreciated.
You know who you are.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Wedding Day blog with two short videos.

We had the most amazing wedding day ever.
So many of our friends and family made it so special.

Here is a very short video of us driving to the reception
in Peter Card's Car

 The Reception was on the sun terrace at Barrington Court
and here we are in the garden.

Here is a short video of the tractor
giving the kids a ride to the reception.

Every thing went so well

We had a great day and I got to Marry the woman of my dreams

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Wedding Blog first of a few to come over the next few days.

Just some quick pictures of the day and a short video

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A sad day for Barrington

Yesterday Barrington saw the Funeral of 
David Jones
David was 82 and a church warden at St Mary's Barrington
A Lovely chap and a real loss to the Village.
over 130 people attended the funeral
and I've never heard singing so good and loud
in a church.
At the end of the day Marion and Me went back to the church yard

I'm not sure what to write at this point
looking at this picture
maybe it's best to say nothing.
David had commissioned the Font bowl from us.
This is a detail of one of the windows.

We get Married in this church in just over a week.
it's a shame David Jones won't be able to join us.
Rest in Peace David you will be missed by a lot of people.
But we are both so pleased to have known you.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Joint Stag & Hen Event/Day

With the Wedding only three weeks away
our good friends Wendy & Martin along with partners in crime
Pat & Ian
organised a joint event for the two of us.
We had no idea what had been planned until 11 am on the Saturday morning
when Nathan & Natasha turned up with these outfits and told us to get ready.
We got to the Barrington Boar at 11.30am
where we were met by a pub full of people all dressed
as cowboys and Indians. 
A Coach pulled up outside and we were off on a pub crawl. 
It was great fun, here are Martin & Wendy.

Proper Pubs 
 Some a bit harder to leave than others.
 as you can see we had a bit of fun along the way.
 here is a nice group shot.
I'm not sure if the dog wanted Jo or the hot dog she was eating, possibly
it wanted to en quire about the blow up horse!

 Phil came as a cowboy builder!
Two rowdy buggers 
This was the picture of the day, as the coach pulled away
Jo was just stood waiting to cross the road. 
Marion with Daughter Natasha & Daugther in law Louise.
the two Bridesmaids. 
at one point we played cricket and lost the ball.
Game over! 
We ended up back in the Barrington Boar for supper and a game 
of Killer skittles
we eventually left he pub 12 hours later
at 11.30pm.
A Brilliant day was had by all. and even better
the next morning I was up at 7am feeling great!
I could not believe it myself.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Barrington Pottery Meets HRH Prince Charles

It's not every day you get to meet Prince Charles
and it's not every day you get to see me 
wearing a Tie.
But we had time for a Quick Selfie.

 HRH was in Glastonbury Abbey to help promote Tourism in the area
following the flooding earlier in the year.
We got to present him with one of our water jugs
appropriate I thought!
He asked us how business was and he asked Marion
if she potted as well.
When we told him it was just us two in the pottery he said
"Sorry if I'm stopping production, You can blame Me"
Marion took all the pictures except this one of course
but I told the Prince My Mum will be so proud
to see a photo of me with Him!
It was a great thrill for us and a real boost
We also got to chat to lots of interesting people and we were
treated to a very nice Buffet lunch afterwards
with Local wine & Apple juice
and Strawberries and Cream for dessert.
All in all it was a very British affair.