Sunday, 4 October 2015

31 Day's of Madness at Barrington Pottery October 2015

We decided some time ago that when our new web site
is up and running we would offer an online promotion.
What we hadn't banked on was all three kilns failing in one week!
Never Mind we soldier on
and our offer still stands.
In October 2015 we are offering free post and packing on all orders
placed for UK mainland delivery.
Just to emphasize this I've added some of our 
more bizzare pictures.
we do now actually have a log burner!

The above illustration is far to familiar to most of us.

Just to prove that pottery is some times just a bit to easy!

We Got to meet and talk to Prince Charles!

I may have had a Beer or two, or threee, or Fourrr.

and then we found the secret to life and all was well again.

well we thought so!

what kind of dam fool potter puts a sign like this in his showroom?

It had to be done! 

Then This happens

and to start to question your sanity.

I know this barn would make a great pottery!

and so it did. 

So to prove we are not as mad as we seem to be
Park up your speed boat

Put your feet up
and order those Christmas presents early at

Monday, 21 September 2015

Dismaland & Beyond

This Crazy life still has it's moments of peace and calm.
Whilst walking Caddy in the morning our local
countryside continues to inspire me.
Not just inspire
but make me stop in my tracks and just look at it.
The light changes so quickly when the sun is coming up.
we set off to

 earlier in the month.
It's the furthest North we go in our round of shows and events.
the journey should take about 4 hours
it took us 6 to get there.
We set up our stall to look as casual as we could.
The whole show is very relaxed and has a great feel about it.

We had a Brilliant first day with sales far exceeding our expectations.
Bu we never seem to get two days the same
and so it proved
Sundays customers although very nice, just didn't buy from us.
it was nice to see some of the other stalls doing well
they must have wondered what we were doing on day one.
we had also booked a B and B which was a first for us.
it proved to be the icing on the cake. 

This chap didn't sell it's still in our workshop
priced at £45.

I'm keen to pass on as many tips as I can to other potters
so here are two shots of a biscuit firing that I wanted to get this 12" tall
jug into, but didn't have the space.
so I laid it on it's side so it would fit in.

Last week we were able to visit the Bemusement Park

It really was So Bad it was Brilliant!
in other News
I delivered the final part of my 300 pot order
for the National Trust.

That was a good feeling.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Barrington Pottery New Web Site is Launched August 2015

This major revamp of our web site
is the third since it was launched in 2008.
Such is the pace of developments in technology
 and most importantly peoples viewing habits that have
changed dramatically over the past few years.
So we have introduced a new format web site
that makes our site more mobile and tablet friendly.
we are still adding new products at the moment so keep checking back in.
here is the link.

and if your looking for a web site designer 
here is a link to Sam at EDSA who we have used right from the start.
Great job yet again Sam,
 must be time for another Sunday Roast!

Here at Barrington Pottery we love working with  food writers
and bloggers, especially the ones that just love our pots
and the way we do things here in our Pottery inSomerset.
here is a link to a feature about one of our friends
Regula Ysewijn
 that's available on line at the Guardian and also going to be featured
in the paper this weekend
Regula has taken a fantastic picture of our pots in use.
it looks like an old Master's Painting
Here is the link to the article about Regula Ysewijn

I'm so excited about having our pots shown in this way
and this is such a good picture.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Working flat out at the Pottery.

August has proved to be a full on Month here at the Pottery.
We have been making pots for a 300 pot order
from the National Trust.
It's taken up so much time
our showroom stock is at an all time low. 

Devon Jugs waiting to be glazed.

and here is one of the firings.

I've made all the 300 pots now
so we are now trying to build up stock for the showroom
these cereal bowls are in the biscuit firing tonight.

  The pastel shades look great when they are drying. 
 I finally Finished my order for two sinks.
I'm very happy with them, but I don't think I'll make any more!
 Marion has been decorating some of my larger Pancheons 
I love the simplicity of the design.
 and here's one I've done
Marion has spent the whole of August 
in the school room doing 
Play with clay.

September is looking to very busy as well
it looks like were not going to get a rest until

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Some People say Blogging is Dead! Mine's still Breathing at the Moment.

I've always been interested in Sales & Marketing
which is one of the reasons
I Love doing what I do.
I'm a Potter
But if your going to survive in this world
You have to get off your arse and sell what you make.
That's the bit I love
almost as much as the making.

 These are our new Tags for pots or Bags.

When I posted about them on Twitter.

a marketing lady in New York Favorited my Tweet
I was interested about this and followed up the link
I've attached it here
5 Digital Trends 
One of which is that the standard Blog is dead.

Make of it what you will
I was intrigued by the thought that people will have chips
put in their skin
so My computer would know when they walk into my store!
and I could then use this info to sell them stuff.
Luckily for me I operate on a much smaller scale and I can see them walk into 
my pottery and say Hi
and have a
with them and then I might just sell them a pot.
Moral of the story
"Keep it Small"!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Two New Pottery Videos and Ceramic Shows update.

Here is a link to our New Video
Shot and edited by Marion's Son Nathan

I've put the picture here of the jug featured in the video
when it came out of the glaze firing a week later.

While Nathan was here we also updated  our previous video
to make one for the lessons 
in the Pottery school.

Here is the link to the school video

The old workshop  it all started in 7 Years ago, is having an overhaul 
at the moment.

Not everything is going to plan
These 4 large pancheons made for a new customer
cracked in the biscuit firing.
It's a combination of me drying them out to fast
and the bottom of the kiln heating up to quickly
with deadly consequences.
Where the hell was He when I needed him?
After many years of me resisting the purchase of a rubber stamp
to print out own bags as suggested by Marion over two years ago
I finally gave in and let Marion order one.
I hold My hands up and bow to the superior Power
that is Marion Lewis
I love the new bags
and they have already proved a big hit with our customers.

The Day before we set off to the Earth & Fire show at Rufford Abbey
in Nottinghamshire, we had no idea what to do as a stall design.

We had been working so hard that I just hadn't had time to think about it!
So we went off to a coffee shop
it's much easier to think about stuff when you are away
from the workshop sometimes.
we drew up a sketch on a napkin
and designed a stall using stuff we had found in a skip earlier in the week>

This was the result
But in fact it didn't work to well, the top tray was too far back for customers
to reach the pots easily
and it proved to be our worst Rufford ever!
Back to the drawing board for the next show.

We at least gave our new tent an airing.

It's a stunning setting for camping and we do love the show.

We attended the Richard Godfrey Exhibition
in the art center.
It Proved to be a very emotional event, and made us all think about
our own mortality. 

The following day the event continued with the 
Potters Games.
always a great way to show the fun side of pottery.

and demonstrations
I especially liked watching Niek Hoogland's
he decorated this dish

and later that day when we were both clearing away
he wrote this on the back
and presented it to me.
Very Special.
in fact I was so over whelmed I had to have a nap in the shade.
Our banner proved to be a popular meeting place
for potters.
Our sales at Rufford were not great, but we both came away feeling
that we had enjoyed ourselves, learnt a lot
and were both very excited about what the future may still hold.
so in that respect it was a good event.

We were only back three days and then we were off again
 this time to Art in Clay
our first time as a stall holder.
and one of the boxes ticked on my Bucket list.
By the time we were set up we had behind us the moon rising

and in front of us the Sun setting.
New show = New Stand
We had learnt the lessons of our Rufford stall
This stall was all about letting people know who we are.

As a Kid I used to live in Stevenage which is only about
12 miles from Hatfield
and My old art teacher from The Nobel School
Mrs Thomas came to the show and wondered if she might see me.
I used to sell pots at pottery parties
when I was about 16 to fund my school and college pottery
Mrs Thomas still uses a pot she brought from me in 1978.

The one thing about being Me is that I do seem to be able
to say things to people and get away with it!
I'm told people are surprised I'm still alive with some of the 
stuff I've said to people, but my cheeky approach 
certainly paid off with my Cider beakers, 
I sold a lot to ladies that were looking at Them when I said
Up here there Gin Beakers!

We had a great show at Art In Clay,
My Demonstration on the Friday morning was well attended
and got rave reviews from those who attended
and it was very well attended.
To cap a great weekend Marion brought me this great book
from the Ceramic review book shop stall.

One Happy Potter
well Two Acually.