Monday, 8 May 2017

Time to start planning for the show season.

Show Time is fast approaching
it's that time of year when you have to think about how you
want to present yourself to the world!
The great thing about doing shows is that people get to discover
 you for the first time and I love that.
and existing customers that follow you on social media
get to meet you and get their hands on pots they have watched being
 developed over the previous months.
This year we are doing three shows the first of which is 
Earth & Fire

It's at a new venue this year so that should be interesting
it's at the Harley Gallery and grounds
  S80 3LW
I have checked on the map and it's about 20 mins from the Rufford Abbey site.
I am also Demonstrating on the Sunday a 12 Noon
My title is 
" Sane people quit".

Last year we took more decorated pots than ever before
but we had a poor show.

So this year we are sticking to our plain and simple ranges
making sure we take plenty of pie dishes and ramekins.
pancheons are still one of my signature pieces.

We are still making time for ourselves out of the Pottery.

We took time out to visit 
Agatha Christie's house, which we both absolutely adored. 

But that hasn't stopped me making some new pots with more decoration
as they seem to be selling well in the showroom.

These little jugs are a joy to make.
I have just made another 12 and a new batch of black slip
so I'm looking forward to showing you those.
I'm not sure why, but this Year more than any other, people are telling me that
they love my pots, I'm not complaining in fact it's quite
a boost to the soul.
This 14" bowl seems to have created quiet a strong reaction
it's  just the Simplicity !
strange then that with the Old English White
doing so well that I am so excited about my new black pots.
let's hope you like them.
If you come to one of the shows
Please come and say Hello!

Monday, 27 March 2017

The Pottery Throw Down has been inspiring people!

I recently reached the point with our last order when all I could do
was wait for the kiln to cool down.
Which gave me the chance to clean down the workshop and sort out my
throwing batts.
It's always nice to get ready for a new start.
 Marion does all of the packaging, she enjoys making sure they 
will survive their journey.
 It's a lot of packing most pots are 4 to a box and this time we delivered 
170 boxes !

We are so lucky that we can work well as a team 
we certainly put the hours in when it's necessary .

And our good friends Martin and Wendy lend us one of their vans.

some of our other friends send us pictures of our pots on display 
at National Trust properties.
So it's time to start making more stock for the showroom and building 
up pots for our three big shows this year.

I saw this and thought how simple is that ?

And here is something I was taught when I was in sales 
in  sales talk they basically say
your only as good as your last sale!
in pottery terms your only as good
as your last pot!

I put this one in because since the Pottery Throw Down 
has been on the television I've had a number of people telling me 
they want to be potters, and this would be a part of my advice.

I would add that you do actually need some talent !

I am pleased to report that we are sticking to our plans 
for playing as hard as we work ! 

mixed with a little R & R

and the odd afternoon tea.

 I liked this! 
and the two Pancheons in this picture should be in
New York  by lunchtime .

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Barrington Pottery has never been so busy !

I made this tall jug for the auction at the Barrington Boar
in aid of the local St Margaret's Hospice
We were thrilled when it fetched £170.00
in Total they raised over £3,200. Well done to all involved.
not forgetting our friend Jess from the smokery who made the night such a success 
with his brilliant auctioneering.
A new year and our new colours are proving to be big hit.
I must admit it's proving to be hard work keeping the showroom 
well stocked, but on the other hand  it's a great problem to have.
We are both so motivated at the moment 
and I'm determined to spread the love.
The next of our National Trust orders is being delivered next week 
this exclusive new colour is proving to be bang on trend.

here they are in production in our workshop 

In keeping with our plan of working hard but also giving ourselves 
time for some fun 
we set off on Valentines day at 8am with the roof down 
for a trip up on Ham hill and the Prince of Wales pub for breakfast!
we found out later that the actual Prince of Wales 
( Prince Charles )
 turned up at the same pub for lunch only 2 hours after we left
how weird is that ?
all we saw was this chocolate labrador!

these pots were in previous posts so I thought I would show 
the finished pots. 

This bowl was an idea I had whilst I was being sold some old pancheons
that the glaze was falling off in my hands,
the idea came to me at that moment 
so I handed them back and walked away. 
this one has already sold, the guy said it just spoke to him as soon as they walked in.
so this year we are making new designs 
but also making sure we keep plenty of stock of  best selling pots.
who would have thought that making such simple pots could be so rewarding ?

Friday, 17 February 2017

2017 has started very well at Barrington Pottery

The Christmas break was well earned this year.
We took time out to rest and enjoyed going for walks 
in and  around the  village.
in  the  New Year we were offered the chance to stay at a friends 
house in Cornwall.
Which gave us chance to go exploring.
including a little visit to Wenford Bridge, I had never been here before 
and it would appear that it's days are numbered!
So we came back to the workshop refreshed and ready for action.
While in Cornwall I had secured an order for 200
pots for a restaurant in Cologne.
which I set about making on my first day back 
it was a great way to start the year.
it helps to build up your confidence for larger pieces 
its been relatively mild and the sunlight in the showroom 
has been a joy.
Walking to  work has been a pleasure 
the order progressed nicely .

at the start of the year we planned out the shows wanted to attend 
and applied for them .
We are pleased to say we were accepted by all of them .

the order came out okay and we shipped 6 boxes 
overnight .
we are still making time to spend with our friends, we have lost a few 
recently that were way too young to go and it's made 
us thankful .
with that very much in mind I finally sorted out Marion's
Birthday present !

and here is my Granddaughter Lily 
looks like she's going to be trouble !!

Time to start planning for the show season.

Show Time is fast approaching it's that time of year when you have to think about how you want to present yourself to the world! ...