Thursday, 14 May 2015

So whats been going on @ Barrington Pottery

It's been a while since I last posted a Blog
almost a Month.
We have been very busy, and I'm not sure where the time has gone?
But since I last posted a number of things have happened.
So here is a brief update on where we are at!
In the showroom I built a new table from old scaffolding planks.
We have a friend in the Village that owns a scaffolding company
so I asked him one Sunday night in the pub
" what do you do with old planks you no longer use?"
He said he would get some of his lads to drop some down to us
when they were next in the area.
All I did was put it together and sand it down afterwards
Just Perfect!

We have also made some more pots for a medieval style film being made by
20th Century Fox.
Being filmed in Cardiff at the moment.

The new Large kiln means I can fire lots more Pancheons
at any one time.

Here is one of the new finished pancheons out of the new kiln.
and I've re subscribed to Ceramic Review!

I still am amazed as to just how many pots I can fit into the 
New Kiln.
It's still firing hot at the bottom but I'll sort that.

I've been extremely busy making pots 
this is a Sunrise when I turned up at the workshop one morning.

I'm sure I will soon work out the best way to get 
the most out of the kiln.
It's taking much longer to load a glaze firing
but it's also taking an extra half a day to cool down.

We are now on St Mary's Church Key rota
and we have had our first two weeks.
I love opening it up in the morning and closing it up at night
it just gives you a bit of time to appreciate
it on your own. and capture some of the sunlight.

These Cereal bowls were fired at the very bottom of the kiln
you can see they are much darker.
But all the dark ones sold first!

A Bit higher up the kiln our Honey glaze looks great

and this ramakin is what the bowls above should have looked like.
Here  we have some new Pancheons 
on my new showroom table.
We  have supplies two new shops
one in west bay called the Lobster in the Cupboard
and one in Lyme Regis called Found ( Ryder & Hicks ).
and then we set off to Scotland for Doug & Hannah's Wedding
we went Via the Lake district 
Strange to see Snow on the hills in May! 
But it all went brilliant!
One of the few shots that was taken of us both.
Now we are making pots for 
The River Cottage Spring Fair.
See you soon.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Fired with new Enthusiasm.

My Plan this year was to buy a new bigger kiln,
we were hoping to get our hands on some grant money
that would pay half the costs.
But the Grant we are told is not going to be available 
until September at the earliest.
It all felt a bit Rubbish for our plans.
But I decided not to worry about it, these things always seem to sort themselves out.

Then a few weeks ago I had a message from Hannah McAndrew
up in Scotland.
There was a secondhand Kiln for sale up in Dumfries.
I checked it out and it was just the kiln I wanted
3 Phase 24" wide 30" Deep 36" Tall

So I Hired a 3.5 Ton truck with a tail lift so we could move it
and my Best Mate Martin came up to Scotland with me for two days
to help me shift it.
I took this video while i was waiting for them to deliver the van.

We stayed up at Hannah's house for the night
and Doug Fitch cooked us a meal.
Thanks Doug.

The sun set was stunning.
I was up bright and early and shot this video at 6am
I could hear the suction pumps from the Dairy farm
but couldn't see it through the mist.

Then we finally got to see the kiln for the first time
it had been made especially
and is made in two halves so it would
fit through the door. 
 Martin set about taking it apart
It looks immaculate.
it turns out to be 24 years old
But Has Only been fired twice in that time.

 The elements were so supple still
that we decided to leave them connected
but just release them from the grooves. 
Getting it out of the door proved to be a little bit tighter
than we expected.
A Stair lift had been installed in the hall way
since the kiln had been installed. 

 We got it back to our workshop 
Normally at this point I would say
 " In one piece"
But actually it was in two bits!
 it took us 8.5 hours to drive it home.
 We put it back together
and we are just about to wire it up.
We have all of the paperwork for it
look at this original Invoice.

I can't wait to start using it.
Yet again we have been blessed.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Limited Edition Leaf Jugs

To Celebrate my inclusion in the New Edition
of British Studio Potters Marks.
I have decided to make 10 only 15” tall
 “Leaf Decorated Harvest Jugs.”
Each jug will be marked with my
 PJ & Barrington stamp & numbered.
They will also come complete with a certificate stating when
 and why the jugs were made.
The Jugs are offered for the special price
 of £100 each
available from mid-April 2015.
You can secure your special jug now with a £50 deposit.
Telephone Paul or Marion at the workshop 01460 249647

Each Jug will be unique and hopefully they will be fired
in a 15cft front loading Electric kiln
I am hoping to get my hands on in April.
more on that later.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

"The Bastard Executioner" and other pots!

I've been asked to make some pots
for a Film!
"The Bastard Executioner"
 it's being filmed
in the Cardiff area of Wales next Month
and I've been asked top make some drinking vessels that will
hang from the saddle on four horses.
This was a trial pot.
we have modified it from this.
I've also made a new showroom table
it's 8ft long and made from old scaffolding planks
that I was given by a chap in the Village.

Here are some of the modified shape bottles before I have 
flattened them and added the handle.
we had a day out of the workshop picking up supplies from
Bath Potters supplies
afterwards we went to Chedder for a coffee
it was here that I took these pictures of a small water fall.
This will give it a bit of perspective!
Our new web site ideas are being put on the back burner for a few months
so in the meantime, I'm adding some close up shots
onto the current site.
if you can see the detail you can appreciate the pots better.
I've re designed my workstation.
I've cut up my favorite book and stuck the pages on my wall
to help keep me focused.
I've also been updating some of the pictures on the web site
as some of the pots on there were made 5 years ago
and I'd like to think 
they have improved since then.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Large Leaf Jug and workshop revamp

Over the past few weeks I have been working on this tall
leaf resist jug

at this time of year picking good leaves is very difficult
so in the end I printed some off the computer
and cut each one out.

This was a commission for a Lady in our Village on Valentines day
and Marion wrote some nice words
just below the handle
We hope to be doing more of this kind of work this year.

Also this year we felt our workshop space wasn't working as well
as it should.
Marion didn't have her own work station, which was just
plain wrong. So I came up with a better plan. 

It meant a total re design of the barn.
So we re arranged our shelving to sit along the side wall

 Then we built a low wall in the middle of the floor
 and we set about creating two work stations
 I've got mine up and running, but Marion is going to wait 
until we can afford a new wheel to set up her station. 
 It actually feels much better to defined areas to work.
The big long table that was in the middle is now  turned
45 degrees at the back of the workshop
which works much better when we are glazing.