Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Some Days Really Test You!

We woke up this morning to a temperature of 2 oc
and a Broken Boiler yet again.
No hot water & no heating.
So we made our way down to the workshop.
To find sheep were in the field outside the workshop
and as poor old Cadbury found out.
Boy did he yelp!
The good news was that the first glaze firing had come out good. 
This was some of the finished load. 
 You can see here both the sheep and how cold it was.
 Caddy's yelp caught their attention.
 These two large utensil pots are thrown 13" tall
so that when they are finished they should be 11" tall x 7" wide
these will be on their way to Berlin.
 As You can see by this picture below
I gave this idea a few minutes thought.
I am trying to get all of these out of the kiln by the end of the week
but in the end I decided this was too risky,
and decided to do two biscuit firings, one after the other.
 Out of the firing came the last pot to complete our order 
from Barbados
We packed them up and here they are waiting to be collected
by the courier.
I couldn't help thinking about the film 
"Castaway" with Tom Hanks
I have this vision of these boxes washing up on some
desert island, and someone opening them
wishing for something to help them.
and finding a couple of Pancheon's a jug and a salt pig.
Oh Well at least they are useable.
For some unknown reason we were both on a downer today
and when your both on a downer
it's hard to pick yourselves back up.
But we will!


Anonymous said...

Hey you two. Hope all's well, the pots are looking great as always. Sorry to hear you are feeling the blues, it's definitly doing its round of the potteries isn't it. Think I've shuffled it off for the time being so sorry if it's found it's way to you.
Have a brew, and a rest. Look after yourselves.
Can you plug your kiln into the electric fence? Just a thought.

Anna M. Branner said...

Golly, quite an international following! One downer day is allowed. Tomorrow will be brighter! (One of these days I need to order a pancheon. Love them!)

Paul Jessop said...

Just to let you know we are both feeling good today, that didn't last long, thank god.
I love the idea of plugging the kiln into the electric fence.

Hollis Engley said...

Buck up, little cowboys. Those pots look real good.

gz said...

good to hear you're feeling better- a good walk in the crisp air should do you all good- at least you can keep warm by the kiln!

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