Monday, 24 June 2013

Earth & Fire Show at Rufford

The past four weeks have been manic to say the least
Trying to make pots for Rufford
at the same time as moving our workshop and showroom
But we did it.
Some of the pots were still warm from the kiln when
they were loaded into the van.

On Thursday the 20th ( my 51st Birthday)
we loaded up and set off up the M5 for the 4 hour trip
to Rufford Abbey. 
 It was raining when we arrived and it looked more like Bleak Hall.
These windows were opposite our stall.

We were at the Abbey top

It is a great venue when the weather is good.
But Marion had worked hard on a new stall design prior to the show. 
and we set about building her creation.
The plan being to give ourselves a fighting chance of being voted the best dressed stall
as voted for by the visitors.
The winner wins a free stall for next year. 
Marion had added some nice touches.
The classic potters books, the weighing scales as a leaflet dispenser
and an old banding wheel so people could turn around some pots. 
All against the backdrop of a beautiful crumbling wall.
From which we could see Doug Fitch & Hannah Mc Andrews stalls. 
 The weather was a mixture of showers and not quite showering as much
with as the weather men say some odd spells of sunshine.
 It didn't dampen the spirits of the customers who turned out in good numbers.
 These are the stands on either side of us.
 Annie Peaker from Cumbria above
 and Ellen Rijsdorp from the Netherlands
 This work was amazing. all hand thrown.
Of course Pottery is not to every ones Taste. 
The rain was a bit of a pain at times. 
 Above Doug Fitch's stall
And below Hannah Mc Andrew's stall.
 Oh Look
there is the two of them together
what a surprise.
I should also mention that I did a demonstration of decorating
slipware in the old country style on the Friday afternoon
that seemed to be well received
and I won a medal on Sunday for my efforts in the
fun games section throwing a pot with a bag on my head.
Sales were great and we made many new friends
So we would like to thank all of those new customers
that found us and brought from us
Thank You
It's very much appreciated and it felt as if all of our hard work paid off.
But we didn't win the free stall for next years show.
so we hope we get asked again for 2014.


Dennis Allen said...

Glad it went well.I think that the tall arch top unit in Doug's booth is a very good choice to increase the vertical dimension of the booth.

Anna M. Branner said...

You never know when you'll need to throw a pot with a bag on your head! Congratulations!

P.Bridges said...

Beautiful pictures.

Lori Buff said...

You all have great looking stalls. Who did win? I'd love to see a picture of that.

Happy belated birthday.

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